Cows Will Fly

Golly, I can hardly sustain myself.

I've successfully sewed back on my pant's button on my very first try.

GOSH! I'm so proud of myself, hahaha.

Oh wow, I had the loopiest dream ever last night. I was just able to recall. It was about school reopening and what not. I must be really excited then, hahaha. It was somewhat pleasant too, in a way... Honey-bunch was there and so, of course, it defined pleasant :D Speaking of which, I miss him. Hahaha, I wonder what he might be dreaming of right now or rather, if he's dreaming of anything at all. How comforting it is to know that he's sound asleep, resting and at peace; the quite contrary to myself.

Why am I exerting such a great deal of effort just trying to keep myself awake when I clearly am sleepy? I could sleep now if I really wanted to BUT that's just it, I do not want to. Not just yet at least.

I was at my aunt's house earlier this morning when I noticed something different about her desktop. It seemed so slick, so elegant and so very stylish. It had so much more ummph than the original Window's XP desktops you usually see. I thought they were using a new sort of operating system which I remain unaware of but apparently, it was just their theme. "Luna Royale" was the name and I fell instantaneously in love with it.

Owwww, I failed several times before I had the theme properly installed on my other desktop. The trouble was ALL worth it, hahaha. I've been trying to install it onto my netbook which I'm currently using to type this blog entry. It's just too awesome to resist. Although, I am convinced that the "Zune" theme is equally deserving of my praise and so I've settled with that. ORANGE AND BLACK! :D

And, I'm sleepy.
I mean, a very good morning.