Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wonder King, Why Do You Taunt Me with Your Quality Graphics? ):

Oh, this sucks. I was unbelievably overwhelmed with absolute ecstasy, waiting for this Wonder King 2D MMORPG adventure game, that is surprisingly very much like Maplestory, to load. The install did not take long at all. I mean, seriously, it was like... Woah. Haha, you get my drift, it was FAST. I got the whole thing installed in a under 30 minutes. Minus the downloading time of course. Jason had the privilege of serving that time, lol. :)

Just when it was all loaded and read to go, I got a CreateDive Error. -_-. My netbook can't support the darn game because apparently, my screen's way too small. Fishsticks. :|

Oh well, epic conversation of the day again. :D I haven't been chatting with a whole ton of people today so my awesome quotient isn't as high. This most probably isn't at all epic but it's by far the epic-est today, for me.

Joanna says:
*Screams in high-pitched terror*

Jason says:
What are you screaming for? o-o.

Joanna says:
The guy...

Jason says:

Joanna says:
Is dreamy. 8D

Jason says:
Which guy? O:

Joanna says:
The guy from the box.

Jason says:
What box? o-o.

Joanna says:
... That one.
*Slowly points at the telly*

Okay, that played out way funnier in actuality. LOL. It was so much more of a physical comedy kind of thing. Facial expressions prove to be very vital indeed which in this case is evidently absent so, not as funny. HAHA. I had this one question lingering in my head just minutes ago. I thought I'd never be able to bring myself to do anything else until I find the answer. Turns out that I could and in addition to that, I totally forgot what that question was. HAHA.

I was checking out the new blogksin I coded, this skin. I was totally honking on my own horn, basking in my self-defined glory like that. Haha. Shameful as that was to admit, that really was what I was doing. LOL. By doing so, I found my way back to http://justpeachy.co.nr, my supposed "alter-ego" blog site. Looking at it left me just ITCHING to recode the entire it. Hahahahaha, faaaaail.

OAKFAFJALF. I so have to stop saying that. It's getting way overrated. OBBER-RATE-TED. ... HAHA. I think I'll go watch some TV now. Spongebob's on. WOOHOO! 8D. Alright, maybe you didn't need to know that.


Eating Out at 3:00am in the Morning

Omgomgomg, we’re in Dimsam Diner as we speak. Oh wait, I meant Dimsum. Haha, fail. Jason’s going on and on about taking up culinary some day. Hahaha. xD. We ordered our usual stuff. Chicken steamed rice and siomai for me and beef brisket rice and a chicken siopao for Jason. We skipped on the usual shakes we have since it’s never a good idea to have those in the morning. I tend to get all shivery and crud. It doesn’t feel the least bit good at all. D:

If I’d only have one friend left, I’d want it to be you.
It's the song that's playing now. It's nice.

Alright, food's here, will eat now. :) I'll be back to you in a jiff. :D

(After eating and then some. Maybe about an approximate of 30 minutes.)

We're at Mcdonalds' now! :) Having hash browns and fries, leeching internet from Coffee For Peace. They're angels, I tell you. Absolute angels, haha. :D Are you familiar with Nerds? Let me show you a picture to shed a little more light on the subject.

Yes, nerds. For reasons I don't know how I come up with, I'll let you on a little secret. We had the yellow and red box. Shocking. LOL. And right after that, we did the most amazing fleet of awesome ever! I logged on http://wonka.com and signed up.

Simply astounding, I must therefore conclude. HUZZAH! 8D.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Want Some Gumballs

The thought of gumballs is oftentimes my happy fountain. :)

I've become way too interpersonal and, to be honest, I can't blog as much since that. Depressing if you were to delve into it but, let us ignore that.

I was supposed to post some pictures but apparently, my memory card reader plunged into the abyss of nothingness and as bad that already is, it dragged the memory card itself along with it. MEGA FAILURE. :| Oh well, I'll find it eventually, I hope. It's times like this I wish everything had a homing beacon.

I missed school today, both Jason and I did. The progress I've been working so hard on is back to zero. It's like, you know, when you're downloading something of extreme importance off the net and then just when it's just about done, after waiting FOREVER, the internet cuts off and totally corrupts the whole thing? It's somewhat like that except on a more personally demeaning level. Fish sticks and polly crackers. Ah well. 8D.

Alrighty then, it's time for that segment of my blog post whereby I feature the EPIC-est (Assuming that's actually a word) conversation I've had today. :D And the Emmy goes to: Aaron Josef Alimagno! I therefore grant you the highest form of gratification I can possibly think of by letting everyone witness your awesomeness. xD.

Aaron Josef says:
listen to my blog song
while typing
you'll have the urge to dance
and my parents bought dance dance revolution for wii

JOANNA says:
i haaate you
dange dange

Aaron Josef says:
sounds russian

JOANNA says:
russian ftw
oh wait
he's german

Aaron Josef says:

JOANNA says:

Aaron Josef says:
sounds so singlish

JOANNA says:
hitlar=hitler singaporeanized

Aaron Josef says:
you have singlishness within you
singlish compels you

JOANNA says:

Aaron Josef says:

BOW! :D Oh wow, I love how that turned out superbly like my tumblr blog. :D We had so many other awesome episodes today but that was what I got to copy paste so it's sticking. Need I remind you that I am an epic bum who can't be bothered. HAHA, yes :) Peculiar how conversations like that are always funnier when on the spot. LOL. Anyhow, Aaron just sent me a couple, three to be precise actually, of pictures when he was back in New York. I'll be photoshopping myself in them. Psyched as POODLES ON CARDBOARD. Okay, that didn't make much sense but I'm psyched nonetheless. :D I smell the awesome brewing. xD.

*Insert evil witch laugh audio here*

Let's leave it to that. It'd be so freaky to actually have that playing on loop here. O: LOL.

And I've got a picture to prove things like that actually do exist. It was supposedly my end-of-post clincher but since I got a photo, I just couldn't resist. Courtesy of Aaron, as always. I can't believed he googled it. HAHA. But then, he did. LOL. :D There was another picture but it was revolting beyond my years so, skipping that. :) Feast your eyes on THE AWESOME POOPCORN. That has to be my 4th "awesome" in this entire post. HAHA. Anyway, tadaaaa! :)

I'm a saint for hosting my own pictures. HAHA. Turns out I do have photoshop on my lappy but the screen's just too darn puny. It'd do me no good when it comes to major photo manipulation. Meh. And so, we shall wait. :D Okay, so let's try this again.

Bye :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Incredible, Really

Since it's way after midnight, I therefore point out that tomorrow, 4th of January, we'll be having school again. FISH STICKS! D: Say it with me, FISH STICKS! Meh. :| I don't think I'm just about ready to go to school yet. One thing I know for sure though, I don't want to. The holiday is just too short for its own good. TOO short, I say. ): This leaves me quite depressed indeed.

Oh well, can do nothing about that. :) I'll be replying to tags now. :D
Miss Lady: Well, I hold no fault in that. There were just too many people who fed on my bandwidth.
Passerby: Why, I'm from the Philippines. Thank you for that heart-felt comment. Charmed, really. Haha :)

Continuing this blog post at 5:39AM.

Alrighty then, just got off a chat with Eric Kimbro. We've been on webcam since 1am? 2am? I can't quite recall exactly. I'm rather dizzy now, but it's all good. :) Haha. To sum it all up, Jason and I had a whole tub of coffee crumble ice cream, two tempura cracker packs, two Reese peanut butter cups each, Powerade and well, that's it. :D To boot, we had three jolly good back to back episodes of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway'. I love that show, haha. :) We both had a good laugh and good food which very much equated to a whole morning of fun, fun, fun.

As I've stated, I haven't quite had the slightest wink of sleep just yet. That would probably explain my mind going on the fritz at the moment. I should probably catch on the sleep I should've gotten hours ago before I collapse from fatigue.

Oh wow, I've almost forgotten to make a whole fuss about this being the very first post for 2010.


Yes, that should do.
Toodles. :)