Friday, March 19, 2010

The Elves are After Us All! O:

Yes, that's right. Just got off a webcam session with the one and only, beautiful LITING! Tadaaaaaaa! xD. Haha. That girl sure has grown, and very stunningly at that. :). As much as I love having had seen my beloved darling once again, --you know, in anything other than just pictures-- it just really made me miss her all the more; all of them over there actually. Oh, woe is me.

I should really be sleeping right now since I still have school tomorrow, but I just can't get myself to sleep. Oh insomnia, you've got me goooooood. I promise to post a whole lot more pictures once I get my camera charged up. Till then, my words alone would have to suffice. :D. My phone's camera shots aren't all as dandy as I'd want them to be so I really can't be bothered to put up with any of them. This girl will not settle for anything less than high quality photos. LOL. Not to worry though, it's charging right now, as I type, so you won't have to wait that long. I'll have photos up as early as the next post. :) With Fleur's birthday coming up, be assured that there will be truck loads of them. Hahaha. :D

I'm trying to get my scanner to work on my laptop. The printer's doing great since I just downloaded the driver and stuff. :D I thought with that being installed, the scanner would work as well, for sure; I was wrong. I guess I have to use the CD now. This is what I get for totally being a bum, not using the CD at all in the first place --utter disappointment. BOO INTERNET! D: I thought I could trust you... LOL.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Noodles >D

A very good morning fellow earthworms, how's the weather down there? :) Hahaha.

I'm actually beyond sleepy right now but I'll gladly put up with it in the attempt of being an active blogger. Oftentimes, I never really know what I'm supposed to blog about so this morning, I'm just winging it-- like I always do. HAHA. I just thought maybe I could choose topics with more flair this time to, you know, spice things up a tad. Thing is, I've gotten round to reading other blogs and I couldn't help but notice how they write. Most of them were woven in such a peculiar manner that made reading seem so much less of a chore. Their entries were anything but boring. I guess that was what got me so conscious of whatever I write now; I could stand to be a tad bit more interesting. Although, I suppose talking about my day would just about do the trick. I see no point in trying too hard. :D

Well, for starters, yesterday was a real interesting day; I almost lost my phone. Actually, to be more precise, it was more along the lines of tremendously horrific rather than interesting. I was so close to getting a heart attack too, it was awful. I guess it's true what people say, that you never really know what something means to you until you lose it. Or, in my case, almost lose it.

So, we were on our way to school that afternoon, 2:30pm-ish, and our chosen mode of transportation was a taxi. Jason and I slept-over at a friend's house so we had to head back home to ready ourselves for school. At home, minutes turned to hours and, eventually, we found ourselves spending the rest of our time before noon, sleeping. Alright, and so we took a taxi to NCCC--it's a mall, to those who are unfamiliar-- to get the senior's bash consent form and waiver printed before making our way once again to Ateneo. The senior’s bash is a whole lot like a promenade to most, without having to worry about not having a date since you needn’t one. It’s basically, in other words, a graduation party exclusive to only graduates. The forms were due that day and it was of absolute importance that we submitted it in time. Otherwise, we would be deprived of the privilege to even set foot in the campus during the day of the dance.

In the vehicle, I was in the worst possible state ever. I lacked sleep and I was worrying my hair's ends off. Never had you seen anything as vile as I. Oh yes, and my temper was kicking in--hormones, as they say. Alright, so as soon as we arrived at the mall, I practically jumped right off after paying and made a beeline straight towards the internet cafe they had there. It took me awhile to notice that it was gone. The driver was conscientious enough --unlike most we've come across-- to drive back where we were dropped off. Going back there was the first thing we did and when we got there, we found him parked up front, waving my phone as if it were some flag. You can only imagine the relief I felt when I found it. I all smiles and I'm pretty sure that if my heart could smile, --any other part of me actually-- it would. Talk about a "WHEW" moment. xD.

Then after, we made our way to the internet cafe and blah blah blah, I got the thing printed and whatever. To think I made Jason sign it, haha. And we were off to school. Thirsty, sweating and tired, we walked a staggering distance from the mall all the way to Ateneo. Well, not really but it was hot out and the heat was just unbearable. By golly, it might as well been a lengthy travel cause it very well felt like it. Once there, I met Fleur. She couldn't get in since she was in anything but a school uniform. We talked for a bit, while I dropped off the form at the guard house, before I had to bid her farewell and head inside.

Jasmine and I had a blast. We did loads of awesome stuff and we've the pictures to prove it. :DDD Here's one of the greatest fails that day: me attempting a jump shot. Everyone, please pay attention to my feet. LOL.

And now, a showcase of the awesome things we did. Click to enlarge, to put simply. If we're friends in facebook, you may check out the ♡ Fleets Of Awesome album. Inside, you'll see a whole ton of other photos. :D