Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Coloring

This took me literally an entire day but I'm finally done! :D
I'm a happy penguin. :3 LOL. I feel like a preschooler.

I wanted to color something so I grabbed a random lineart and colored away.
Coloring used to be my favorite thing to do in the world. And, funny the thing is, it still is.
"We must not color outside the lines", my kindergarten teacher once said. She taught me well. LOL.

Original Lineart

Sunday, November 4, 2012

All is Good and Well

So I have a vanity closet and it had scratches.

I'm all for quick fixes and I was pretty sure I could fix it with poster paint, no sweat.

I was wrong, lol. It proved to be much harder than I thought.

After I went out to get brown acrylic paint and varnish, I painted over the whole thing instead of trying to camouflage that ugly patch. LOL. I guess it looks okay now.

It may not look as pretty given I had no idea how to replicate the wood finish but at least it isn't entirely hideous. :)) And more importantly, it looks handsomely scratch-free.


Oh and yes, of course, new blogskin! :D
Previous Layout

Current Layout

Monday, October 29, 2012


I went to a magical place today. :D
I'm not yet used to taking pictures with the new digicam, sad to say.
But these are 3 that came out nice.

Yes, only 3. *Nod nod*

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The past week, I've been drawing a lot.
Here's a couple of digital drawings I got to finish. :3

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Girl Who Ran

Hi there! :3 Just so you're up to speed on things, project shutdown has been discontinued. LOL. I've been meaning to blog about it but, well, I keep forgetting. Shutting people out wasn't exactly the best way to handle things. Isolation wasn't the answer. It never is.

At the time, I drew this in my doodle book. (Edited for reasons)

This was supposed to be the cover page of a story I wanted to draw -- but didn't. A visual storybook, if you will.
It's about the little girl who ran.

She ran when she was angry.
She ran when she was sad.
She ran when she was lonely.
She ran when she was mad.

She ran when things got hard.
She ran when she was scared.
She ran when she got hurt.
She ran when no one cared.

She ran and ran and ran, farther and farther away each time.
She ran in search of something she didn't know even existed.
And, truth was, even she didn't know what it was.

The little girl then found a quaint town not much different from the other towns she has been.
The people weren't much different either. It seemed like a nice place to live in and in that little town, for a while, she did stay.

She stood at the edge of that town one day,
To run like how she always did.
Her shoes were worn and tattered and old.
But goodbye to this town, she must bid.

She looked at her shoes, she looked at the town.
She looked at the winding road ahead.
She looked at the town and she looked at her shoes.
How many times had she fled?

She could not count, she did not know.
She looked at the town once more.
How much further did she have to run?
Her feet were bruised and sore.

For once in her life, she was not sure.
"I think I'll try," she said.
She turned around, she would not run.
She chose to stay instead.

It's really a story about me and how I always choose to run away from everything. 'Project Shutdown' was me running away, lol. I don't want to anymore.

I'm learning how to face things and finish things. After so long, I finally finished the verse I wanted to have up on my wall! :D Philippians 4:13. It's my favorite.

I knew about this verse from a song by Mattew West entitled 'Strong Enough'.
I like the verse because of the song and I like the song because of the verse. :D

I have to check on the aquarium now. I had a fish die just today from the so-called 'New Tank Syndrome' when I was changing the water so I bought new fish. I found out that you're only supposed to change more or less 50% of the water at a time or else they'll die. I also found out that 'koi' means 'carp' in Japanese. So, apparently, I have carps. LOL. I'll just call them kois. :D

I HAVE KOIS. :) And what I consider to be rather interesting is that I might have hammerhead sharks as well. I think. Hammerhead shark fish? Hahaha. At least that was what the people at the pet store labeled them as.

I bought 3 baby kois, 1 baby hammerhead fish and 1 baby janitor fish. I call them babies cause they're minuscule compared to the ones we already have. 1 baby hammerhead must've accidentally gotten in the mix cause I have 2 now. That makes for 6 new baby fish! Yay! :D

Excuse me for they now require my immediate attention. LOL.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


LOL. I forgot to paint in her other brow.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Project Shutdown

I need to work on my internet addiction. I've been going on and on about this. Yaddity yaddity yap. And yet, I persistently fail at doing anything about it. I try, true. But in all my attempts, I am yet to achieve anything of any decent worth. 

Let us narrow it down a tad. Truth is, by internet addiction, I specifically mean social networking sites. To be all the more specific, Facebook. Thus, Project Shutdown is what I've decided upon.

My Facebook password has been changed to something I can't possibly remember and my public Twitter account will be left alone as I migrate to my private one.

Initiate countdown sequence.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Project Shutdown is now officially in session.

For 30 days, I will not log on to neither my Facebook nor my public Twitter. These restrictions may not mean much to many but they should do. Believe me, taking into consideration how much combined time I spend on both sites, they most definitely should do.

I wish I was doing this for a more noble cause. I could be doing this in protest against the Cybercrime Law or to even raise awareness of how the internet has taken over our lives or some junk. But I'm not. I have more personal reasons.

Thinking it through, this entire thing might come off to some as a cry for attention and just maybe, it is. My rationale tells me that it actually could be. But trust me when I say that by doing this, I have the sole intention of finding peace. In a more dramatic context, of soothing my distraught soul. :))

I've let loneliness grab hold of my heart and I've been entirely too dependent on other people in feeling better. I've lost touch with my happy place and having so, I am unable to make myself happy all on my own. I'm sad all the time, just a melancholic mess. Having people around just distracts me from the dealing with real problem at hand.

In the next 30 days, I'll work on being better.
And in the process, maybe I'll work on figuring other things out as well. :)
Today marks day 1.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Children's Day

Here's a happy song!~

To the children, Happy Children's Day!
To everyone else, well, Happy Children's Day as well. LOL.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Snow White Challenge

I may not be the fairest maiden of the land but pretending that I am sure is fun. :))
For this year's Halloween, I'll be Snow White. LOL. I look ghastly pale but it goes with the theme.
Snow White does have skin as white as snow, does she not?

It's perfect. LOL. I take such bad pictures with my phone.
I got so frustrated while editing cause, unlike the pictures I used to take with my digital camera, the resolution for this photo is so low. Well, it's not too horrible, I suppose, but it's grainy.

I'll save for a new digicam.

This is what I do when I'm sad. I put on make up, take pictures of myself and edit them on photoshop. :)) And since I couldn't see why not, I went on ahead and revamped my blog layout as well. Woohoo! More photoshop!~

I want my blog to be a happy place, a space that's homy and fun. But until I get a good concept going, I'll settle with this. It already feels a wee bit more personal. :D

Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello there, you beautiful human being, you. :))
I've finished watching all 9 episodes of Salad Fingers the other day.
Admittedly, it's awfully disturbing. I don't even know how I managed to sit through all of it. LOL.

Here we have the first episode.
Viewer discretion is highly advised, lol.

I've been very much drawn to dark, scary things lately. Being an ardent fan of Tim Burton's work, I guess I always have been. I just find them massively interesting. I've explained this to a friend once before. I like dark things cause they tend to have such great back stories to them.

All this began with me wanting to learn animation. I browsed through Youtube to hopefully figure out what sort of style I'd like to adopt.

I think I might want to get into 3D animation.

But be it in 2D or 3D, I am quite certain I wouldn't want it to have much dialog. If possible, I'd rather it not have any dialog at all.

I have a long way to go.
I haven't a clue on how to animate yet. :))

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Garbage Bag Dress

I was trying to clean the house this afternoon.
So there I was, with a broom and large garbage bag ready.
I looked at that garbage bag and I laughed at how ridiculously large it was. It was ginormous. I laughed even more thinking that if I ever had to stash a body away somewhere, it would be perfect for it. LOL. It was just so impossibly big.

And with that thought, instead of cleaning, I made a dress out of that garbage bag. Once I found out that I could fit right in, I just had to. HAHA.

I felt like a princess. :3
I used an ironed Mcdonald's plastic bag for the front since I had several sheets of them lying around for the plastic wallet I intended to make. It was a long 'dress' but I couldn't take a full length shot on my own and my brother refused to partake in any of my shenanigans. LOL.

Today was a fun day. :D
And I have a new dress. HAHA.
I guess that could count as an achievement. :))

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Get Lost With Me

Let's go somewhere far from this place. No laptops, no tablets, no phones, no distractions. Just us.
Let's ride into the night with nothing but the clothes on our backs and the love we share for one another. We'll go to a high place, be it a roof or a hill, and we'll watch the stars sitting pretty on a blanket of dark blue. We will watch, we will stare, we will marvel at the stars and how they glisten and shine. We'll make up constellations of our own and write in the sky of dreams we've been too afraid to tell anyone else.

Well, good morning. :)
Words are just wonderful, aren't they? Words are a beautiful string of letters that can be woven together to form sentences, paragraphs that attempt to communicate the soul.

I can't write as good as I want to but I would certainly want to try.
Therefore, in the upcoming months, I shall write whenever I can.

As of now, I'm going through what most might call an identity crisis and I believe it would be of everyone's best interest to humor themselves as they, lol, witness me panic through it.

In past couple of days, I've had much time to myself as there had been a conveniently subsequent occurrence of class-free holidays. I admit to basically squandering all that free time playing Sims 3 instead of investing it in doing something productive and I am not proud, lol. But I honestly think that if I had been productive at all, I would've been generally too busy being busy like I always am with school. I wouldn't have been lead to the realization that life is rigged full of distractions.

Sims 3 is a evidently a perfect example in my case. Games. And there are a bunch load of other things.
Take social-networking. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and the like.

Earlier today, I looked up the song 'I Just Called to Say I Love You" and I stumbled upon this video.

Yes, I laughed because, yes, it is funny to a certain extent. But at some point throughout the video, I didn't even know whether to laugh or to be just plain worried. Seeing how much truth there is to this alleged parody leaves me very worried indeed. It is a reality. It is happening.

People need to experience more.
I need to experience more.

I need to get lost with somebody.
To a quiet place.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rainbow Flowers

I hate it when I'm depressed.
Or, say, to be less drastic, sad.

I now declare that I will devote my time to doing things that do my soul good. I will write to people I want to write to, I will draw, I will study and I will dance.

I will make rainbow flowers! :D Maybe for when I go visit mom next week. :D
I'll make happy things. :)

I started making poems yesterday and it came out real bitter. HAHA.
It's barely done and it doesn't really talk about anything in particular but here it is.

Remnants of hurt swell at the throat
As fragile little things, who are we to gloat?
Of love attained and fortune acquired
How does our heart know it's what's truly desired?

Why do we love? Why do we feel?
When so little of it, we're sure is real
What is love? An illusion is all I think of it
Cause quite honestly, people define it only as they see fit

Hopeless and lost, love leaves us most
Wrenched is the heart to burden its host

Pain and sorrow is all the heart has come to know
Down much farther we continue to go
Lower and lower, we proceed to sink
As we descend, gone is our ability to think

How do we know what's worth it or not?
How is it measured? With a ruler? With a cup?

HAHAHA. Oh how I like it when things rhyme. :))
This signals a red flag! I need to make amends in my life.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Here's to a Tattered Heart

Crying is good. It cleanses your eyes and insides.
But there is no more need for tears.
Everything's going to be fine.

I am loved and I'm going to be fine.
I'm going to be marvelous. ♥

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Command Line Interface

Good gosh, I don't understand a thing. |:
I'm at Bo's Coffee at the moment, trying to comprehend the mystery that is CLI with all my might.
I had coffee to keep me myself awake but it isn't helping the slightest bit. What I ordered probably didn't even have much caffeine. LOL. I never know what I'm supposed to get. :)) Good gracious, I'm still so sleepy.

CLI; the Command Line Interface.
That's about all I got. LOL.

There is enough time, Joanna. No need to panic.
You're doing just lovely.
Take one step at a time, one foot after the other.
You'll get there soon.

Nuggets. It's times like this that I feel so dim. :))
I need a book on C and C++. I've forgotten how to read from a file. Goodness, I've even forgotten how to execute a graceful exit, the most basic of basics. I forgot everything.

Stop stalling.

Well, actually, I do remember a handful of things. I help code my brother's C programs just fine.
In that case, I suppose the problem doesn't lie in my programming skills then. It's with these algorithms; I don't get them. Coding should come much easier once I get them down.


I would do so many things if I had an oven. Yes, I'd bake to my heart's content. Cupcakes! Cakes! Cookies! More cupcakes! Haha. But other than that, I'd most definitely want to do these things too. :D
DIY Crayons
DIY Handmade Clay Pots

Now, I'm quite certain these are just a small fraction of the wide variety of the things you could do with an oven but I want to do those two the most. :D

LOL, distractions.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Summary of My Week

Focus; the one thing I am horridly in lack of.
There are far too many distractions in the world.
How am I expected to concentrate in the midst of them?

I'll keep my Facebook deactivated til I learn a little self-discipline.
I'm sleepy. -_-

Last Tuesday, I was a guest DJ on Edge Radio. It was such a great experience. I definitely wouldn't mind doing it again. :D My classmates were immensely supportive. It wouldn't have been as half as fun as it was without them.

Wednesday, I met with Jam! We had fancy burgers at Hollywood Burgers. We window-shopped and made fun of toys at the departments store. LOL.She helped me pick out a phone to save up for too. :D

Friday, my shoe broke as I walked through Abreeza so I had to buy myself a new pair. They're fabulous, to say the least. LOL.

And on Saturday, I had happy Jam and Kirk bonding time. :3 We met at SM and spent the majority of our time together at Coffee for Peace. Kirk had his electric guitar with him so we were playing songs and singing while we had our coffee. I had a whale of a time. :D

That night though, for the first time ever, I got wasted. LOL. I've sincerely always wanted to say that. Jam, Kirk, Nicole, Jay and I had dinner at Mcdonald's and after they had to leave, I decided to stay for a little while to catch up with a friend I met there.

I got drunk on tequila with my high school batch mates.
I bumped into them at Mcdonald's and decided to tag along.

Being drunk gets you so discombobulated. I was out of control. I couldn't walk properly and I blabbed nonsense. Walking drunk in heels, I kept tripping over. Good thing I had friends sober enough to take care of me. NEVER AGAIN, I SAY. LOL.

Can't say I didn't have fun but I don't think I would want to put myself through all that again.
Health-wise, I don't see how it could be in any way beneficial.
Besides, I'm allergic to alcohol.
I woke up with rashes.

Aaaaand, the entire time I was writing this post, I was supposed to study. :))
Oh well. LOL.
Good morning! ♥

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silly Ramblings

There's not enough people who care in the world so I will not stop.

I am confident that someone will in fact love me as much as I will love them so there is no need to fret over whether if the love I give people will be reciprocated or not. It's not about me. It should not be about me. It's about the people who need love in their lives, who just need someone to care. I shouldn't let the fear of being unloved hinder me from giving all I have because everybody deserves to be loved.

I want as much people to understand that.
And hopefully, when they do, they will be driven to want the same for other people.

I know someone out there's waiting for me and I am not just exactly what they need but also exactly what they want. I have no reason to worry or to fear.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with me.
I am someone's idea of wonderful.

I just need to keep believing that.

I got myself a little notebook that I have covered with floral paper and stuck this quote on:

Be soft.
Do not let the world make you hard.
Do not let the pain make you hate.
Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.
Take pride that even though the rest of the world might disagree,
you still believe it to be a beautiful place.

It's pretty, isn't it? :D
I just now decided that it will be my little notebook of encouragement where will write down reminders that I can read to get me through the day.

I thank Shishi for sharing with me the idea of writing down stuff. :3

I will close this post off with links to meaningful reads. I wish I had more but, lol, these are all I've got at the moment. :))

How to Stop Procrastinating
The First Step in Finding Meaning For Your Life
Ten Ways to Feel Better About The World
Make Yourself Feel Better

Good night! ♥
Stay ridiculously amazing. :D

Friday, June 29, 2012

CS3 Shirt

Jessie did a marvelous job with the logo. I made it shiny and I designed the back.

I love how my classmates make it a point to have our class shirts personalized. Last year, we had our nicknames printed. This year, we've advanced to QR codes. They link to either our Facebook or Twitter.

I can't wait to wear mine. :3

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Last Saturday, on June 9, Shishi and Thor came over and we made Parmesan-crusted Chicken for dinner.

It was scrumptious. :3
And here we have my schedule for the first semester. :D

School's got me awfully busy so I shall be going on a wee hiatus.

Updates this week.
  • URL change from to
  • Layout change
  • Blogskin archives are now up and running
  • School started
  • Bought Jayson Lo's book 'YOUnique'

Lists are awesome.

There's an extra 'e' in SheLikesGreen but I'll deal with that when I get back. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guess What?

Salutations. :) The highlight of my day today?
I got red peekaboo highlights.
See what I did there? :> I'm hilarious. HAHA.

To be frank, I am rather dissatisfied. I imagined things quite differently.
Two things. One, I imagined them to be of a brighter, more vibrant red. And two, I imagined them to peek out more. I wanted them noticeable but I guess they're called peekaboo highlights for a reason.

Maybe I'll have them retouched or maybe I won't. But right now, I'm just beaming with heaps of happy. By far, this is about the closest I've gotten to having red streaks.

It's time for bed, I suppose.
I have driving lessons in the morning at 10am.
Then, it's to gym at 6 with Naddy.
I say that's plenty to look forward to. :D

And besides, I'm too tried to write about anything else. Haha.
Have a splendid night! ♥

Friday, May 25, 2012

Digital Scrapbook

The universe refuses to cooperate with me.
I want to start a flashmob but I can't find people gutsy enough to join. Well, there actually are a handful of people who would but I haven't a clue as to how this whole flashmob business is supposed to come about. LOL.

I want to get people dancing or doing something magnitudes more ridiculous simply cause I think it would be mighty fun. Everyone could certainly do with a little fun in their lives. :)

Project flashmob is to be set aside for another day.
I'll look into it more in-depthly.
Once I figure things out, THERE SHALL BE NO SHAME. Haha.

Another thing I want to do is to go geocaching but I highly doubt they have any good caches here in Davao. Oh limitations, you sadden me so. If I ever get to fly anywhere, I will check for available caches the first thing I get there. I'll get myself an eye-patch and be all pirate-y while I'm at it. :))

Daddy left for Manila this morning so as of right now, I'm a sad little trout.
I shall therefore get into digital scrapbooking today to keep myself busy and to keep my mind off it.

Here's a couple I've finished.

It's definitely a start. Time to work on the rest. :D
Have a wonderful Friday, everyone! ♥

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I want someone I can go to, someone I can tell my secrets to, someone who won't judge me for mistakes I've made, for the mistakes I will continue to make.
I want someone who understands, who hears, not just listens. 
I want someone who wipes my tears away.
I want someone who needs me.

I want someone who fights for me.

I want someone who loves me.

It's about time I take all these ideals of love and be them, to be the person I would want to find.

And so, let's revise that.

I will be someone who people can go to, someone who people can tell secrets to, someone who won't judge people for mistakes they done, for the mistakes they will continue to make.
I will be someone who understands, who hears, not just listens.

I will wipe tears away.
I will need.
I will fight.
I will love.

I have made this my mission once but I forgot.
Cause this little head of mine won't let me finish what I start.

It's in our selfish human nature to crave the love we want.
So much so, we forget to give it.
For it's the kind of love that the world needs and but drastically lacks.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
Have the love you want to receive.

The world cannot give love that it doesn't have.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Words to Live By

"This is what you do. If you feel low, you stand tall. You mess up, you move on. You want to try something, try it, and if it was a stupid thing to try, you look it in the eye. There’s no turning back. You apologize if you’re sorry, but know that the nimblest, strongest hands can’t rebuild a bridge out of embers, so cut new wood. Start from scratch. You love with your whole heart. If you’re jealous, talk yourself from the ledge. If you can’t talk yourself down from the ledge, have a good time up there, looking down on the world. If you have to lie to make everything true again, lie like you mean it. If you find yourself in a cage, reach out through the bars for the key, unlock the door, and run away. If running away gets dangerous, run home. If home doesn’t mean what it used to mean, decide what home will be in the future. If your best friend says she doesn’t trust you, hold her jaw in your hand until it hurts, and make her face you. That's all it takes. If you think you love a guy, see how his hand looks in yours, that's all it takes. If you get exiled into a new land, then go discover it. And if you feel like you’re drowning, go swimming."

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Perfect Color Acuity

"Why, hi there. :D Here I sit, alone once again. I HAVE NO FRIENDS. Hahahaha. But, of course, I'm only kidding. I'm in school now, on my laptop. It has always been a choice of mine, staying away from people like this. I'm comfortable this way. I can do my own thing without having to worry about people liking me or disliking me. I don't feel as subjected to judgement as I do on most days when I'm around people. I'm doing my own thing, in my own time, at my own pace and that's how I like it.

I especially like the feeling which accompanies solitude; the feeling that I can do anything. I feel free, y'know? I feel awesome. I feel at my most capable when I'm alone.

Although, for so long now, I've always felt this void. A void that I never quite know how to fill. I blog, I paint, I make friends, I go out and have fun but there's that undeniable twang of emptiness that lingers on

I guess that's one other reason why I like being alone so much. It rationalizes the emptiness and, in spite of how helpless I otherwise am, I momentarily feel that I can do something about it."

That was an excerpt from my online diary dating back to much earlier this year.
I've been frustrated as of late, more than I care to admit. Reading through my diary, I've come to realize that I have been so for far longer that I thought.

Thus, I have decided to make good use of my time and to take action against it.

For as long as I can remember, I've always taken comfort in reason. I feel at ease when things make sense and when, and only when, I comprehend them thoroughly.

It frustrates me how ideas in my head don't add up.
It frustrates me how little of myself I can say I truly understand.
It frustrates me how I am eternally in conflict with myself.
And it frustrates me how half of the time I don't even know what I'm frustrated about.
I don't understand.

Moreover, I tend to overthink these things and, with every thought, I plummet deeper and deeper into my frustration. But I figured that if I could reason my way into frustration, I could very well reason myself out.

And so, it begins here.
I need to convince myself that not everything is meant to be understood.
I need to accept the fact that there are no definite set of rules as to how to live life right; it is defined and not sought after.

And, I need to chill and stop thinking about these things.

I thought of dedicating this post to vent out and, hopefully, properly assess my frustrations but having had gone this far in, it now feels too heavy of a topic. Let's move on along now, shall we? :)

I look a Hue Test the other day and look what I scored! :D

The test may be a tad time-consuming but if you find rearranging colors as thrilling as I do, it's a great deal of fun. :D If you're into graphic design, it would be in your best interest to give it a shot.

Within this week alone, dad, Jason and I have watched two movies. Dark Shadows last Sunday and, today, The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

Funny thing earlier this evening when we watched The Pirates! at SM, the movie had an audience of only us three. It felt too much like a private screening so, all the while, I made pretend it was. LOL.

The rest of this week promises to be rather hectic considering that we're having our final examinations. I shouldn't even be blogging right now. :))

To signal the end of summer classes, the three of us, dad, Jason and I will be spending our Sunday at D' Leonor Hotel Inland Resort. I'm psyched. :3

I've tried working with watercolor pencils in my spare time to destress.
Pictures soon to follow. :D

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Red Streak

May 10, 2012, in the wee hours of the morning. (Well, midnight-ish.)
It was one of those nights. Aaron and I were, once again, bored. LOL.

Aaron whipped out his hair products -- his wax and his gel -- and started styling his hair.
I had paint lying around in my dire attempt to fix the painting I've posted in the entry before this. I didn't know what else I could do with my hair so I painted on a streak of red across my fringe.

I've long dreamt of having a red streak.

My dream was realized that night. LOL.

Earlier today, I met up with old classmates of mine from high school. We had some sort of birthday/farewell house party. I left my box of butterscotch brownies. ): I was in a rush to leave cause I have an assignment due at midnight; I had just submitted it.

Anyhow, daddy will be arriving tomorrow evening. :D
I'm so excited I can hardly sleep.
I'm just kidding. I'm exhausted. LOL.

I hope he stays here for more than a week cause summer class is yet to end on the 19th.

A very good night to you. :D

Monday, May 7, 2012

Once Upon a Cloudy Day

I've been wanting to fly a kite but since I haven't the time to make one of my own -- all the more fly it -- I painted this instead. :D

It isn't quite how I imagined it but I like my sky very much. :3

“Writing is a form of therapy. Sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, the melancholia, the panic fear which is inherent in the human situation." - Graham Greene

Killer Crab

Do you know what I want?
I want to change somebody's life.
I want to do amazing things.

Thoughts are dangerous.
They are potentially repulsive and destructive -- sometimes, even both at the same time.
My mind's a ticking time-bomb just waiting to explode.

I think and think and think and think and when I'm not thinking, I think some more.
I need to learn how to relax.


I'm in the computer lab right now, supposedly having class. But since our teacher isn't here and the lab assistant is kind enough to let us surf till 4pm, I am blogging. Yay~

I found out about PicMonkey the other day and after much fiddling around, I ended up with this. :D KILLER CRAAAAAB! It's going to eat youuuuuu. >D


I had actually started this post a couple of days ago out of immense frustration. Now, I can barely even remember what I was frustrated about. LOL. These arbitrary fleets of emotion leave as quickly as they come -- it sometimes startles me at just how sudden.

It's 2:17pm now.
I shall head home and find a way to better deal with my thoughts.
Silly are these things we call our feelings. They can be awfully inconvenient.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Let's Paint

Last night, Aaron and I were on Skype and while I was doing nothing, he was working on his school project. I soon saw it fit that I join in. LOL. And so, I painted too. :D

That wasn't his project though. It was just something he painted from the left over acrylic he had; he didn't want them to go to waste. I don't think you can see it as clearly but I painted a handsome mustache on myself whilst waiting for him to finish. HAHA. DERPY, IS IT NOT? :))

I love silhouettes. I refused to paint anymore for fear of further ruining it. LOL.

Isn't Ron's apple tree so pretty? :3

Well, I guess that's all there is to it to this post. :))
I just really wanted to put them up cause they turned out so lovely. :D

Job interview's in an hour.
I've decided to bail. :))

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh So Nerdy

If there's one thing being in Computer Science has taught me, it's how to see failure as an opportunity to succeed. Just yesterday, I realized that I'm no longer as easily intimidated by failure as I used to. You can learn from it and grow from it when you know how.

"I have not failed. I have just found 1000 ways that don't work."
Thomas Edison said that. He is, no doubt, a brilliant man but I favored him less when I learned out about the Tesla-Edison feud. BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THAT. Haha. I didn't until last year during Physics. :))

Anyhow, unimportant.
How are you doing today? :)

I'm a happy penguin cause I have no classes today. Isn't that swell? :D
I can stay home and do stuff I've been too tired to do. :D

As for school, things are marvelous.
For Algo class next Monday, I'll be performing a dance number with my group mates.
We cast votes if we wanted to perform or to code a program for the second part of our midterm exams. My class opted to dance. It was unanimous but, in hindsight, I should've voted to code instead cause it now seems heaps easier to study.

The dance is supposed to look something like this.

This will be fun, I'm sure.
Good thing it isn't going to be performed live. Otherwise, I think I might just collapse dead from embarrassment. :))

I'll have the video up when it's ready and when it is, I will have ventured past the point of no return. I shan't ever be able to show my face in public again. HAHAHA.

Here are random photos from this week cause I don't feel like blogging anymore. :))

I still need to find something Avengers-related to wear.

Monday morning, I have a job interview. :D

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


In regards to my -- for lack of a better term -- emotional well-being, this week has been an epitome of polar opposites.

I've been sad and I've been happy, elated then glum. I don't understand it.
Have you ever had moments like this in your life? Cause I do, more often than I think I should. And it's beginning to concern me, lol.

Although, I must say that I've actually had an exponentially good week; tons better than I had made it sound. In fact, it's easily one of the best weeks I've had for a while now. I had nothing bad happen to me and I had nothing that I should've been directly sad about. I just somehow manage to bring all that sadness upon myself.

Toggle Nonsense

Anyhow, I'm now off be all studious and stuff.
I'm doing real good in school and I want to keep doing good. :D

This weekend, I'm going to make White Paper Peonies and A Jellyfish in a Bottle cause one simply can't have enough peonies and jellyfishes in their life. HAHA.

Top of the evening to you. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Request Update

Done! :D

And now, to practice programming.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Quiet Place

It's beyond words, at least beyond that of mine. It's a poem that I think everybody should hear so people can learn to be comfortable with loneliness, so they can see that it isn't as bad as they think. And perhaps, just maybe, less people would be sad because of it.

If you, on the other hand, seem to be anything but alone and would want to be even for a measly minute, here's a place you can go. The Quiet Place. :) But, alone or not, you should still click it cause, in my personal opinion, everyone needs a little quiet time every now and then. :D

Aaaaaaand, if you're feeling down in the dumps today, here's 51 seconds of me making a complete fool of myself. LOL.

I hope you found it more entertaining than it is awkward. :))
Happy face! :)

Oh and,

Speaking of Easter, never before in my life have I realized how much I was deprived of as a child more than I did today. Jason and I were out at Gmall and they had this quaint egg painting thing going on and I just got so excited. Insanely even. If it weren't for the tiny seats and tables and Jason throwing at me funny looks, I would have seriously gone for it.

Anyway, I suppose it was a good thing that I didn't. I felt that I wouldn't be able to get to my egg painting without being heavily scrutinized by the public. :)) The only consolation I can say I got from today was being bought cotton candy. LOL.

I will no longer question why people often mistake me as the younger sister. :))

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Earth Hour

To start this off,

Well, actually, I had meant to write this post yesterday but I couldn't muster up enough of anything, be it the willpower or the strength, to work on it; I was too tried.

So, let me correct what I should and start this off instead with

But before I get to how awesome my April Fool's Day turned out to be, I shall recall what had happened yesternight.

I attended Earth Hour with Jason, Jasmine and Ace at Magsaysay park. The thing was, before we arrived, I was a tad fidgety as I had Shishi and Thor over at my house while I kept Jasmine waiting for me at her family shop. In the spur of the moment, I absentmindedly left both my camera and my wallet at home. Fortunately for me, Jason had money so funds were the least of my worries. But left with no other choice, I had to resort to using my phone's camera and it frustrated me so.

I suppose I shouldn't feel too bad. Bad coverage is better than no coverage, right? Hahaha. When all else fails, I say make everything black and white! :))

We got lanterns at Php150 each. Green ones for Jason and Jasmine and a white one for me. Ace didn't get one though but 3 was plenty. :D

We were ill prepared. But really, we weren't prepared at all. HAHA. We had to ask around for matches cause how else would be able to light our lanterns up? I approached a nice enough looking family and they happily handed over several matchsticks for our disposal. I was counting on the dry floor so I kindly declined the kind man's offer to rip out a striker strip from his matchbox.

We had our lanterns ready and I was crazy delirious. I could see it. I could see the sky in all its lit up glory.

And then it rained.

If you had viewed that video, you'd realize that there is no audio. Evidently enough, I had no idea how to use my phone. HAHA. We couldn't spark our matches and when I saw that I couldn't possibly fly my lantern in that weather, I felt a deep sense of sorrow. LOL. I stuffed my lantern in its plastic bag and, in a dire attempt to make the best out of the situation, I ran around in the rain and swished through puddles instead. Jason and Jasmine soon followed suit. I ended up walking funny cause my shoes were making these squishy sounds; it felt strange. :))

The rain eventually stopped but Jasmine and I decided to save the lanterns to fly together another day. We want to write our wishes on them. :D

When Jasmine and Ace left, Jason and I met up with Naddy who was also at the event. And along with his friend, Angel, we made our way to SM, with my clothes still soaking wet.

They look a picture with a famous fellow there but I didn't know him. After which, they accompanied Jason and me whilst we had dinner at Dimsum's. :D

I was just kidding about having anything at all to talk about on April Fool's day.
It's been eventless so far.

I guess that's April Fool's to you then.
But no, not really.
... Yeah.