Saturday, February 25, 2012

English Piece

Why, hi there.
I suppose it's about time I start on a new blogskin yet again. But not today.
Instead, I will continue work on a story that started out as a write up for English class. :D

Here's how it begins.

        I am Karen Smith and I had just awoken from a yearlong coma. Or so I’ve been told. 

        Barely conscious, I am in the hospital, alone and confused, frazzled at just how little of anything I can remember. How did I get here? What happened? I gaze on over to my hand to see a ring of gold. I held it up and let it glitter in the light. I’m married to Daniel Smith, and other than my older sister, he’s the only family I have left. I smile at how it glistens for, in all this confusion, Daniel’s the lone thing I know I am certain of. The room is painted a brilliant white, typically what you’d expect of any old other hospital room. The space is blindingly bright and with the visible vase of what I gather to be get-well soon flowers, it feels almost happy; a complete contradiction to everything I am feeling. Why am I so sad? My trail of thought is suddenly interrupted by a faint knock on the door. A nurse creeps cautiously in, evidently careful to not cause a stir. She’s a plump woman, stout, with a face so kind. “Good morning, Mrs Smith”, she beams as she greets me with a warm, gentle smile. “I see we’re doing wonderful today. Your sister called and said she’s flying in to come visit. She should be here in a couple of hours.” I softly nod with the little energy I have and as she left, I, in a slight daze, start on the food she had placed before me, trying too hard to remember the face of my own sister.

       Prudently, I eat with utensils my hands seemed to have nearly forgotten how to use. Soon enough, I fall asleep and I do not wake until I feel a hand brush through my hair. She’s already here? A kiss befalls my head. I open my eyes and, to my pleasant surprise, there he is, right beside me. Daniel, my beloved, is here, with my hand held in his so tightly you’d never think he’d ever let go. He stares at me with such tender, loving eyes, glassy from the tears I can see welling up. “Welcome back, cupcake”, he whispers in a voice that cannot possibly be any sweeter; a voice that fails not to warm my heart. Right then and there, I feel safe – I am home.

I like how it turned out. Now, the only thing left to do is to figure out the rest of the story. :))
Constructive criticism would be lovely.

And, here's a random painting for you! :D

Ever since I last painted during the recollection last week, I can't seem to get enough of it. Made this when Mich slept over. :D

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Pointless Rant

I sleep, I eat, I go to school.
I go home, I do work.

Someone please tell me when this relentless cycle will end.
I honestly cannot wait to go home where I can snuggle with my sheets and feel my safest.

I want to do something amazing, something bigger than I.
I want to change the world.
I want to be free.
I want to feel happy.

I do not understand how I can start the morning out so happy and be so sad nearing its end.
I'm at school, trying to get myself started on my project proposal.
The thing is, I find no reason in doing these mundane tasks, these things for school.

But I don't know. Perhaps I've just spent too much time alone today.

And my shoe broke. |:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tree Planting

Last Saturday, February 11, 2012, in lieu of our regular NSTP classes, we went tree planting. :D

Mochi! ♥

Yay! :D I finally have the time to sit down and properly blog. :))
But really, the only reason I am now here before you is simply because I can't find the drill anywhere. Otherwise, I would definitely rather drill holes for those curtain rods I've been wanting to install for the longest time. I thought blogging would be the perfect thing to help me take my mind off the frustration.

Nuggets, I was so looking forward to finally having the curtains up. |:
It isn't simply a matter of aesthetic purposes anymore. If it were, I most certainly could wait. We have neighbors moving in the house next door. Without curtains, we're left exposed. I don't just want them up, I NEED them up. For the sake of privacy.

I guess I'll have to wait on grandpa to pinpoint me to it. Although, I highly doubt he'd even let me lay my hands on it considering how much of a klutz I've led him to believe I am. LOL. Regardless, I will ask.

Till then, I suppose I could talk about my life and divulge how wonderful it's going with monstrous heaps of shamelessness. LOL. Or not.

Today, right now,  my brother is having his Junior Prom.
If things are coming together as planned, I believe they should be a about an hour or so into the event. It's a crying shame I'm not there. It's being held at Grand Regal and the school had a handful of hotel rooms reserved for the students. I was just dying to check out the room he got.

But bah, I suppose things turned out for the better.
It's his night tonight and I wouldn't want to intrude on that.
He's had enough of me at home. Hahaha.

So, here I am, home alone this evening.
Since I'm trying to be a tad bit more studious for finals, I should get to working on homework. :))

Jason got me mochis so I'm set for the night. :D
It took a lot of concentration to control myself from eating my blue mochi. The only legitimately functional camera is with Jason so I had to rely on my laptop's webcam to get snapshots of anything. Today was one of the rare occasions that I actually turned my laptop off - it took a while to start up.

I just let my mind wander off for a measly second and there I found myself, teeth deep into the poor thing. :)) Hence, this picture of a sad, deformed blue mochi I by now have already consumed whole. LOL.

The other night, Aaron surprised me with a picture that I cannot forgive myself for not saving. |: I'll ask for it later and sneak it here. :> But anyhoo, it was picture of me and him together. :D  with this.

We've been too preoccupied with so many other random things to even realize we long could've photoshopped a picture of us meeting. At least I've been anyway. :)) So, I proceeded to photoshop a picture of my own. :D

IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! :'D It's anything but convincing with the bad shadowing and uneven color saturation but it's good enough. :D Yayyyy! Hahaha.

Aaron is definitely in my list of people I simply MUST meet the first thing I step foot on Singapore. Until then, these make splendid creative alternatives. :))

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Not So Decent Post

Only 2 more hours till Valentine's! :D Though, it's pretty sad since our school will be having regular classes while all the others have theirs canceled for the whole day. Unfair, isn't it? :))

At least, for today, my section had a day's rest. S'all good. :D Even if I'd still much prefer that we have the day off tomorrow as well. :)) Jasmine, a close friend of mine from high school, and a few of her classmates from Davao Doctor's College will be out swimming while we people in Ateneo have class. D: I desperately wanted to join them too. ): 

LOL. I'm suddenly not in the mood to blog. 
The pictures I took at the recollection today are disappointing, you see. It's not that they were all ugly or bad. The group shots actually turned out rather splendid. But that's exactly it, only the group shots turned out pretty. Pretty enough to not need editing, that is. If I had a better camera, this never would have happened. 

Maybe I'll blog about it some other time when I feel better about them. LOL.

Darn these mood swings of mine.
I'm going to lock myself in my bedroom and cut out recipes of dishes I plan to teach myself how to cook.

Here's the painting I made during the recollection.

And these are scans of my latest drawings to hopefully make up for my laziness. 


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Testing Stuff Out

Woot! Let’s do this thing. :D
Currently, I am writing this blog post on Windows Live Writer.
Just so everyone knows, I FEEL SO COOL AND PRODUCTIVE. Hahaha.

Plenty of things have happened since the last time I’ve blogged; things I have regretfully forgotten to blog about. I'll attempt to summarize things for you guys. Although, I'm afraid I'll have to keep things dreadfully brief since I've yet to pack for our recollection tomorrow. I'm just so excited for it, to be honest. Recollections have just got to be one of be few perks of being in a Jesuit/Christian school I enjoy. Other than having no school on Christian holidays, recollections are, for me, just about hands down the best thing. C'mon, it's an entire day of no classes. You get whisked away with your classmates to a far distant land you probably have never been to before and you don't even have to be in uniform. It's awesome. But it could very well only be me. :))

I just really like the idea of postponing lessons and having the freedom of wearing anything other than our uniform. LOL. Honestly, wouldn't anyone? Haha.

Bah, it's almost midnight.

I guess I'll have to continue this some other time. |:

Things I ought to blog about:
- February 7: My birthday
- "Pre-Valentine's" hang-out/celebration
- February 11: NSTP tree planting
- Jason's prom
- My new hair color? :))

Good night to you. :)

By the way, I stopped blogging on Live Writer midway through cause I've concluded that it's ugly and I don't want to use it. LOL.

I'm so happy that they've fixed the HTML preview for the new Blogger interface. :D

Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Music, Good Vibes

I'm just sitting here, minding my own business, listening to good music as I wait for time to pass. Do you want to know what I'm craving for? :D

Doesn't that look just scrumptious? :D
Now, let me show to you my cousins.

A cute bunch, aren't they? My arm looks deformed. HAHA. Those were taken with my laptop's webcam so please pardon the poor quality and bad lighting. It was my aunt's birthday last January 25 so Jason and I went over for a mini-reunion after two long years of almost zero communication.

I guess it's safe to assume that I am deliriously content with my life. Note it's deliriously content and not deliriously happy. My grades could be better and there are things I would rather have differently but, overall, things are monumentally better.  Relationships with my friends are improving. After bailing on my phone and Facebook earlier this year, I thought for sure they'd never want to talk to me again. LOL.

I'm currently having problems managing my time though, especially with my birthday just around the bend. Friends want to hang out and I don't exactly have the time. I'm tired almost all the time and, on occasion, I get sad for no particular reason. But one learn to get by.

It would be lovely if I got to talk to Henk more often too. |:

Alrighty, I better get scanning. Fleur requested that I scan some of her drawings to put up on DA (DeviantArt). She got me drawing again yesterday. Her enthusiasm sparked my enthusiasm  and my enthusiasm sparked Jason's. Domino effect! Haha.

We had Chicken Enchillada for dinner at Blugre's yesterday and Jason drew around my unfinished sketch while we waited for our order. Forgive the heinous lighting, it was dim at the cafe. :)) Do check out the website when you have the time. They have this insane, catchy theme song on loop. You should know that I'm now dancing to it in my seat. HAHA.

This is what I hear:
I love espresso, I love latte
I love mocha... cat's papuccino? LOL.
I love choco, I love... cow milk? HAHAHAHA.

I must get ready school.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cars are Brilliant

Cars are brilliant. Who wouldn't want one of their own?

Just recently, a challenge was brought upon by a friend to recolor a Chevy Cruze. He plans to get one and he needed help visualizing it in the colors he wanted. Now, I'm not usually the kind to revel in these machines but the task at hand involved a great deal of editing. I simply could not resist.





Perhaps saying that it 'involved a great deal of editing' was blowing things just way out of proportion. :))
Besides that, I've had one other thing that kept me occupied today. I revamped an old class blog.

Which of those two would you say is the newer layout? Can you tell? :D
I added this darling thing that keeps track of birthdays. In the event of any of my classmates' birthday, a customized notice will be automatically up. Not only will they be greeted but there too will be cake! :)) I'm so visiting it on the 7th. Haha.

Oh, the perks of being a blossoming programmer. :))
An evening well spent, wouldn't you say? :)

Here I am, never finishing what I start.