Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm Japanese

I know this might very well be the worst way to start off a post but I've just finished two seasons of an anime and me oh my, the feels. 

Well anyhow, just earlier, I marched straight into my brother's room to hopefully let out my wails of intense agitation; it's not even finished yet. Today, I have finally come to understand the enigma that is 'fan girl'-ness. It's the feels, I tell you. THEY COMPEL YOU SO.

In other news, I have found my new favorite cold thing to have. C:

Them popsicles.♥ I haven't really tried anything other than the strawberry flavor but it's probably the best strawberry ice cream I've ever had. AND IT'S ON A STICK. :D Which makes it all the better. :3

I was folding boxes yesterday and as I searched for tutorials I discovered that, to my dismay, my favorite method to do it is just not as popular as I thought it was. ((: It was frustrating to go through numerous tutorials on how I'd rather not fold a box. I thought maybe you guys might want to know about my origami box preferences. :D I hope this turns out to be a little more interesting than how I just made it sound. ((:

Even though I do consider the good ol' original origami box to be the most appealing of the bunch of easy box tutorials I've come across, it's not the easiest. I don't appreciate it that you have to begin with a square sheet of paper either. That just means more work. I mean, you could try working with a regular sheet of paper but it's not going to look as nice.

Look at that. Who in the right mind would subject themselves to this kind of torture? LOLJK. But it's this part right here that I absolutely abhor. You'll know what I mean once you try to make one. I still need to use glue to hold it all together and that just adds to the inconvenience of it.

Now, the rectangular box is the more versatile of the two; you don't necessarily have to start with a square sheet. It's much easier in comparison, you don't need glue and it even has a nice trim. I ought to be content, right? Sure, but look at gap. Look at that gaping gap. I don't know about you folks, but that sets my teeth on edge. No.

One fine day, as I as scouring through the very depths of the internet, I stumbled upon Snapguide and, by George, it was gloooooorious. ((: Allow me to deviate a bit.

Snapguide is one of the very few things that make me wish I had an Apple product. It is what the name suggests: a collection of guides that have snapshots to show each step. I, for one, think that Snapguide is beautiful and it kind of sucks that the only platform it supports is iOS. But hey, if you're an Apple user and you just so happen to like DIY as well, go check it out. :D

Anyway, it was on Snapguide that I found this awesome Make a Paper Box guide that teaches you how to fold boxes like this. :D No glue and, since it doesn't require a square sheet, no cutting needed. No fuss. :D Absolute genius, I say. Plus, it really does look decent.

I was a little frantic cause I had completely forgotten the website and it took me a good while to finally find it again. The site wouldn't even load the first few times and boy, did that make me panic. As soon as it did load, I made my own guide with screenshots of it. You know, just in case.


What I love about it is that it's simple enough for me to fold tissue with. I would go to coffee shops and, before I start working on a drawing, I'd fold tissue into a box for my pencil shavings. It's amazing. More people know about this. ((:

I guess I'll stop here.
If you like origami, why not try making a bow? :D
And if you're up for it, here's a lovely alternative simple origami box design.
I think it looks gorgeous.

And have a blessed Saturday. ♥