List 3 Reasons Why You Unfollow People in Twitter

1. They advertise too much. May it be for some business or for themselves. This is the main reason why I unfollow people. I don't filter my tweets so I make sure that I like whatever shows up in my feed. When people incessantly advertise, it annoys me to no end. Moreover if that's ALL they tweet about. I want to interact with real people.

2. They use foul words too often or simply because they tweet about things that I don't like, don't understand or can't relate to. Oh, and if their tweets have too many links in them, sometimes. LOL. Have you ever come across those tweets with too many hastags and too many mentions all at once? It's an eyesore. i can tolerate it every once in a while but I have my limits.

3. They don't tweet back. It's as simple as that.

I also unfollow people who have unfollowed me. I take it as a indication that they don't want to be friends. These reasons apply to only those I don't know though. I make exceptions for friends

Day 05: Your Morning

And, there we have it. Yours truly having had made herself her own breakfast. Hah. I've might've burnt the eggs a little. But, hey, they were still edible. That's as good as it gets.

I think I'll try cooking omelettes next. :)

Alright, so I suppose that concludes day five of this long overdue photo journal.
I'll try to update as much as I possibly can, I promise. :D

Well, in other news, thanks to Aaron, I've had the chance to have yet another splendid photoshop session with Britney.

Though I thought it turned out pretty great, I kind of feel awful about it. Just a teeny bit. See, I've this long queue of photoshop requests from other friends, not to mention a blogskin request as well, and I've skipped all of them just to do this.

I blame Ron. Stuff I help him out with are always so much more fun than everything else that I need to do. Haha.
Oh gosh, I'm such a bad person. |:

LOL. Anyhow, I should be on my way now. It's almost 2pm and I've yet to head on over to school to ask about fees and junk.

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Well, Take a Look at That

Being the bored little squirrel I've been lately, I have been googling up a whole array of stuff. And this would be one of them. :D I just love quizzes like this. They help stimulate your creativity and you get to know more of yourself in the process. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :D

Get a sheet of paper and pen, follow the questions below and write your answers, one by one. The more details, the better. Be honest, don´t judge or change what you see/feel.

1. You're walking through the woods - who are you walking with? Or are you alone?

2. You come across an animal in the woods - what is it, how does it look like? What is your interaction with the animal? What do you do when you see it? Does it run away or do you run away? Do you just stare at each other?

3. You come to a clearing in the woods, and you see your dream house. How big is it? Is there a fence around the house?

4. You walk inside and you come to your kitchen table. Is there anything on or around it?

5. You walk out your back door. In the lawn you notice a cup. What material is the cup made out of? What do you do with the cup?

6. As you walk, you come to a body of water. What body of water is it? How do you get to the other side?


Now, you can interpret your answers.

The person you are walking through the woods with is the most important person in your life at this moment in time. If you are alone, then it´s you who is the most important person in your life.

The size of the animal that you come across in the woods is the size and magnitude of your problems (generally) these days. How you interact with the animal is how you interact with your problems. Did you run away? Did you stare it in the eye until it got scared and left?

The size of your dream house is the size of your dreams and what you would like to accomplish in life. If you have a fence around your house, you are a closed person. If not, you are open to people and quite easily show what you are and feel inside.

If you didn’t put anything on the kitchen table (silwerware, food, books etc.), you are said to be a person who suffers from depression.

The material of the cup that you find outside tells you about the durability of the relationship that you have with the person you are walking through the woods with. Is it plastic, glass, ceramic? Where did you put it? What you do with the cup also tells how you handle the relationship with that person. Did you take the cup inside and wash it off and take care of it, or did you just throw it away?

The size of the body of water in the backyard of your house is the size of your sex drive. How wet you get crossing it means how passionate you are.