I'm Joanna Morales and I'm a graphic artist in thePhilippines.

Even when I was young, I knew I wanted to encourage and inspire.

I am a designer by practice and an artist at heart. I want everything I work on to mean something. I enjoy illustrating and incorporating them into designs. I love working with prints and I would like to get into wedding branding in the future. Although, out of all these things, web design has always been my passion.

In high school, as I was coding a web templated inspired by an old song I had just learned the title of, I told myself that is what I want to do for the rest of my life -- I wanted to be a web designer. I fell in love with how you can put images together and ultimately make an interactive interface with it. I love making websites because, to me, it's a marriage of art and design; two things I simply love.

As an artist, I illustrate to inspire and encourage. But as a designer, I want to help build a platform for clients so they, in turn, can inspire and encourage others. I want to be able to bridge the gap between the client and their audience. There is a story behind every business and pursuit, and behind every story is a dream; I love how designing for someone helps bring them a little closer to realizing theirs. 

I'm very into emails.


I make things.

Joanna Morales
Digital Artist | Web Designer
Davao City, Philippines