Thursday, September 7, 2017

WIP: Light Studies

I've finally gotten around to drawing digitally again. I got caught up with the blog though and I've started on a couple of traditional pieces too. It might take a while to get anything done but I'll post when I eventually get to.

It's a good day.

Monday, July 25, 2016


I had gone to this restaurant some two months ago and since I won't be eating there again anytime soon, I'm going to post pictures of what we had there :D

I would have never found this place if not for my friends.

To be completely honest, I don't even remember much of the dishes, if any at all. These were the appetizers they served.

I simply adore their kimchi; it's the best I've tasted thus far. I would go there just to get these. That's saying something, folks.

And here's a bunch of other food I don't know the names of.

There was another dish that I thoroughly enjoyed but when it got to the table, I was far beyond the point of taking any more pictures of food -- we all were. With reckless abandon, we dined.

Man, I want Korean food now |:

Speaking of food, we ordered McDonald's yesterday and we purchased 6 orders of extra gravy to go with the 6-pcs chicken box thing we planned on getting. It turns out that an order of extra gravy grants you not one, but two little gravy containers and the chicken came with its own gravy. Instead of the expected 6 little gravy containers, we wound up having 18.

I don't know, we had a little mountain of little gravy containers. It's something I want to remember. Wouldn't you? :D

Friday, October 16, 2015

Disney Princess Series: Snow White

This is the first of, hopefully, many :D I've been putting this off for the longest time but here it is! C:

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Box Template Maker

I found this incredibly useful website that caters my box needs:
I have to say, I love boxes and as much as I want to spend copious amounts of money on ones that are beautifully crafted and are ready to use, I can't always afford to. Even if I could, I wouldn't want to for the reason that they don't always come in the sizes I need them to be.

Store bought boxes are overrated so, with the help of that website, I made my own for a gift for a friend that I've put together :D

Although, to be fair, I don't know how to make those impressively sturdy ones so I still buy those. Hahaha. But for personal projects, with a little board paper, these should do marvelously :D

For your amusement, here is a video of the interview thing my friend had to do. I'm the one who panicked. Hahahaha.

Joanna, Shiriel, Cleo AHHAHAAHAHHAHA #laughttrip

Posted by Mark Bryan Rubilla on Saturday, 11 July 2015

I feel a lot of things

Hello there~ ♥

I haven't been blogging anymore and I know, in the face of it, that I just make all these excuses for myself, that if there's anything keeping me from writing it's, well, me.  For a while now, I've let the thought of subjecting anything I have to offer to the opinion of others overwhelm me -- from the things I do at school to the things I absolutely love doing. I've always found it terrifying and I suppose I've dwelt upon it so much that I've failed to notice just how far I've crawled back into my shell. I often wonder how I'll be able to work in the creative industry when I'm still this sensitive to criticism, constructive or not.

Anxiety has taken such a tight grip on me and, at times, I feel that the extent of it as gotten too far in for God to reach. It's a funny thing though because I know it in my head that it's a lie but I can't help but feel otherwise. I think this is what it means in Jeremiah 17:9(NIV). The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? and Mark 7:21 (ESV) For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery.

I know that what I feel does not dictate my future or my worth. I'm making a stand today. I'm going to take these feelings and these thoughts and I'm going to throw them away; I'll keep on writing. I'm not going to hide and I'm not going to shrink back in fear because I know that I do have something to offer. I know that God destined me to shine and shine I will. No more excuses and no more repressed thoughts.

I still get very high and very low in life. Daily. But I’ve finally accepted the fact that sensitive is just how I was made, that I don’t have to hide it and I don’t have to fix it. I’m not broken. ― Glennon Doyle Melton

These are my struggles and at 22, I'm still trying to figure out how to be at peace with myself. I still have to constantly remind myself that I'm not what I feel. I'm still learning how to be secure in my identity in Christ and how to insist upon it when everything else in my life feels otherwise. I feel too much, I think too much and I'm afraid of so many things. But I'm alright, I'm here and I'll get through this. And if ever you so happen to have these struggles as well, know that you're not alone and that you'll get through this too. I believe in you! :D God is taking care of you. Whatever life throws at you, hold that truth in your heart and never let it go. ♥

There are people who have helped me grow and who loved me at my darkest. There are people who have brought me closer to God and who have allowed themselves to be a channel of His grace and love in my life. I am deeply grateful for them. They believed in me even when I couldn't bring myself to and, more than that, they reminded me that God believes in me too. I bless you with people like these in your life too, wherever you may be in your life now.

I may not know you personally but I have so much love for you. And if I do know you, all the more. If you somehow find yourself reading this and you need someone to just listen or someone to just talk to, I'm here. You can email me and we can be pen-pals :D Or if you just want to know that someone hears you, I'll read everything you have to say and I'll keep you in my prayers. If I know you and need someone, let's have coffee or lunch and let's just talk about life. I OFFER YOU MY HUGS :D

Take good care and God bless youuuu ♥

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Morning Light Art Gallery & Shop

I used to always complain about how little to no good art stores there are here in Davao. If you had thought the same, well, you're in for a treat. :3 Fellow artists, I present to you the Morning Light Art Gallery & Shop.
Lo and behold! Never did I think there existed such a lovely place here in Davao. I got too excited for my own good and my first reflex was to drop everything and explore. I was really only able to take three pictures before working myself into a frenzy. But all is good and well -- They have a Facebook page here where you can find more pictures of the place and the things they sell as well as the store's address and its store hours. C:

This is by far the only place I know of  that sells masking fluid, both removable and permanent sorts. It was the first thing I grabbed. I know I could have just bought it online but, I don't know, I don't trust the internet. ((:

If you happen to know of any other good art stores, please do share them. I'd love to know. C:
Maybe we could go together. :D

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Home is Where You Make It

I sit here at my desk with my eyes bloodshot red and a cup of coffee as my only company. I know I should be asleep at this hour but there's something I'd like to just get off my chest.

I chanced upon this on Tumblr and I cannot stress enough how much it struck me.

I was born in the Philippines but at the age of 3, we moved to Singapore. Growing up, I believed that it was okay that I didn't fit in. After all, I wasn't originally from there. I'm a Filipino and I'm from the Philippines. It was okay that I wasn't a 100% Singaporean because I really wasn't. I spent a good 10 years of my life in Singapore. I grew fond of the culture and the life there but my sense of belonging was never properly established. I was comfortable but, secretly, I still felt like a fish out of water and I still believed that my home was in the Philippines.

I managed to settle into secondary school (high school) but half way though the year, I find out we were to move back to Philippines. I was beyond devastated. I truly was. There was so much I was leaving behind. But even so, there was a part of me – which I was blind to at the time – that was undeniably excited . "I'm going home".

To cut it short, I ended up feeling alienated even in my own, supposed, home country. I knew I didn't belong in Singapore but if I don't belong even here in the Philippines, where do I belong then? I've been living the Philippines for 8 years now since we moved back and I still don't feel that I belong. This used to rattle me so but I've come to realize, after so long, that it doesn't really matter. Home is where you make it.

I suppose this goes out to the people who knows what this feels like.
I found my home in God. If you haven't already, I hope you find yours soon, wherever you decide to make it. ♥

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I've been trying to go on a diet but, in the face of this, I didn't even care anymore. Om nom nom. ((:
A Korean classmate brought them to share during our Psychology class. I'm not a big fan of Kimchi for I find it a tad bit too spicy but having it like this, all wrapped in rice, blew my mind. They were scrumptious.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Watercolor + Ink

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catalysts Reunion

I am at Tealoca at the moment. I got wintermelon with egg pudding. I feel a wee bit upset that I thought of taking a picture of it only after I had drank it all. Although, I am quite sure many of you already know what wintermelon milk tea looks like so that picture shall instead serve as proof that I actually am where I say I am. I wouldn’t make too good of a food blogger.

I wish I would though. I’ve been eating a whole lot this week.


Went to Tealoca around 4pm to wait till the gathering I was to attend to at 6pm. We had a little Catalysts of 2013 reunion. A reunion for the 2013 Catalysts? I'm not even sure how to properly phrase that. Haha.

We ate at Mama Maria's Pizzeria but, much like me, these guys are not much of food bloggers. Haha. We gobbled all 6 pizzas up before anyone had the chance to take pictures of them.

I have a perfectly functional digital camera and yet I insist on using my phone to take pictures. I thought about it and I think it's because I feel like a tourist when I go about taking pictures with my digital camera. Also, it may be because I often want to take pictures of the randomest things so, worse than looking like a tourist, people might think I've lost it. Hahahaha.

These things shouldn't matter. I shall make it a point to keep photo journal and log daily. For real this time! Haha. These are for today. :D

Monday, May 26, 2014

Art Dump: May 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Apoxie Sculpt

Hey guys, happy new year! :D Despite the fact that it's nearing the end of March.
Things have been awesome, to say the least. I've been incredibly busy with school and what-not. Tonight, I have several things lined up and shall, therefore, be pulling an all-nighter. I really ought to stop blogging as a means of procrastination but this is sincerely the only time I get in the mood to blog.

For finals, we're sculpting with Apoxie Sculpt. I've been excited about it since last February when our teacher first introduced it to us. In my enthusiasm, I jumped right into it and, now, it's looking astronomically horrendous. I should've taken the time to plan but hey, bygones. I should have probably also considered an easier character to sculpt; working with the one I went with is proving to be a rather ambitious endeavor. I imagined myself to be much more skilled at this. I've proven myself wrong, however. My sole source of motivation to keep working on it is the fact that I'm making it for my little brother. Otherwise, I would have long scrapped it.

Pity Apoxie Sculpt isn't sold anywhere in Davao. For this project, our teacher had the good stuff shipped from Manila. My family and I will likely spend a day or two there later this year and when we do, I'm buying a heaping pile of it.

I'm so angry at my piece now. It doesn't even look remotely decent. T^T But it's a work in progress. I probably shouldn't be too quick to critic. There is still hope! I hope. Haha. In any case that it does stay a complete wreck, I've decided that I will forgive myself.

All I have to do is survive these last two weeks and I'll be home free. No more school! :D That is, for a week and then I'll have summer classes. Haha. I'll plan the week out for optimum unwinding time. Perhaps a week would be all I need. :D

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm Japanese

I know this might very well be the worst way to start off a post but I've just finished two seasons of an anime and me oh my, the feels. 

Well anyhow, just earlier, I marched straight into my brother's room to hopefully let out my wails of intense agitation; it's not even finished yet. Today, I have finally come to understand the enigma that is 'fan girl'-ness. It's the feels, I tell you. THEY COMPEL YOU SO.

In other news, I have found my new favorite cold thing to have. C:

Them popsicles.♥ I haven't really tried anything other than the strawberry flavor but it's probably the best strawberry ice cream I've ever had. AND IT'S ON A STICK. :D Which makes it all the better. :3

I was folding boxes yesterday and as I searched for tutorials I discovered that, to my dismay, my favorite method to do it is just not as popular as I thought it was. ((: It was frustrating to go through numerous tutorials on how I'd rather not fold a box. I thought maybe you guys might want to know about my origami box preferences. :D I hope this turns out to be a little more interesting than how I just made it sound. ((:

Even though I do consider the good ol' original origami box to be the most appealing of the bunch of easy box tutorials I've come across, it's not the easiest. I don't appreciate it that you have to begin with a square sheet of paper either. That just means more work. I mean, you could try working with a regular sheet of paper but it's not going to look as nice.

Look at that. Who in the right mind would subject themselves to this kind of torture? LOLJK. But it's this part right here that I absolutely abhor. You'll know what I mean once you try to make one. I still need to use glue to hold it all together and that just adds to the inconvenience of it.

Now, the rectangular box is the more versatile of the two; you don't necessarily have to start with a square sheet. It's much easier in comparison, you don't need glue and it even has a nice trim. I ought to be content, right? Sure, but look at gap. Look at that gaping gap. I don't know about you folks, but that sets my teeth on edge. No.

One fine day, as I as scouring through the very depths of the internet, I stumbled upon Snapguide and, by George, it was gloooooorious. ((: Allow me to deviate a bit.

Snapguide is one of the very few things that make me wish I had an Apple product. It is what the name suggests: a collection of guides that have snapshots to show each step. I, for one, think that Snapguide is beautiful and it kind of sucks that the only platform it supports is iOS. But hey, if you're an Apple user and you just so happen to like DIY as well, go check it out. :D

Anyway, it was on Snapguide that I found this awesome Make a Paper Box guide that teaches you how to fold boxes like this. :D No glue and, since it doesn't require a square sheet, no cutting needed. No fuss. :D Absolute genius, I say. Plus, it really does look decent.

I was a little frantic cause I had completely forgotten the website and it took me a good while to finally find it again. The site wouldn't even load the first few times and boy, did that make me panic. As soon as it did load, I made my own guide with screenshots of it. You know, just in case.


What I love about it is that it's simple enough for me to fold tissue with. I would go to coffee shops and, before I start working on a drawing, I'd fold tissue into a box for my pencil shavings. It's amazing. More people know about this. ((:

I guess I'll stop here.
If you like origami, why not try making a bow? :D
And if you're up for it, here's a lovely alternative simple origami box design.
I think it looks gorgeous.

And have a blessed Saturday. ♥

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Waiting on love is much easier said than done, isn't it?
I found songs that have helped me stay patient and I just wanted to share them.

And of course, there are books! :D
'Saving My First Kiss: Why I'm Keeping Confetti in My Closet' by Lisa Velthouse
'Ten Commandments for Choosing God's Best' by Leah Marasigan Darwin
'Wait For Me: Rediscovering the Joy of Purity in Romance' by Rebecca St. James
'Lady in Waiting: Becoming God’s Best While Waiting for Mr. Right' by Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones

Stay hopeful and enjoy the wait.
Rest assured, the one for you is waiting on you too. ♥

"Promise me, O women of Jerusalem,
by the gazelles and wild deer,
not to awaken love until the time is right."

Song of Songs 2:7

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scribble Scribble

Yesterday, I got a pen tablet and since then, I've been drawing. C: I never really finish any of them.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Belated Happy New Year!

My to-do list runs long. I have listed neither 'write a blog post' nor 'watch The Big Bang Theory' but, sadly, with my absolute inability to conform to anything that comes close to a routine, I'm doing exactly what I didn't set out to do today. Oh, the untamed rebel teen spirit.

I'm being all sorts of unproductive. Hahaha.

Hello there, fellow cockatoos.
First of all, Belated Happy New Year! :D

I have successfully put together a series of DIY projects I want to do. I have started on a number of them; most of which I have left unfinished. I've been trying to work on them one project at a time.

Last year, late November, I began work on my 'cloud mobiles'. It was then when I made a solemn oath to myself that unless I prevail in both making and setting up these cloud mobiles, I will not blog.

It's the 12th of January, 2013 and I still have only one of the intended three cloud mobiles kept in storage since December, just hanging pretty in my closet. Due to this, I have missed out on blogging about one too many events.

Forget it, lol.
I'll finish it when I finish it but I'll keep writing.

As of this very moment, I don't even know where I ought to start so I guess I shall put it all off yet another day. Yes, I have a chronic procrastination problem. I should look into it and I will. Perhaps. Eventually. Haha.

I badly want to read Paulo Coelho's 'By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept' but all the bookstores I went to were out. In lieu, I bought books on sale. I'm now on 'Haunted' by Chuck Palahniuk. It's gross. I wanted to read it solely because Palahniuk had also written 'Fight Club' but I should've paid a little more attention to its content.

I guess it could be considered an interesting read but I can't say I'm all too crazy about it.

This is rubbish, I know. Haha.
I have things to say, pictures to show, but I really should start ticking off stuff from my to-do list for today.
Till the mood to blog strikes again!~ C:

I came across a real good skit on New Year's. It's an embodiment of my prayer for this year and, probably, for all my life. I just wanted to finish this post off with it to share the message I was and am still so deeply touched by.

I am God's original masterpiece.
We all are.

Happy New Year! (:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Coloring

This took me literally an entire day but I'm finally done! :D
I'm a happy penguin. :3 LOL. I feel like a preschooler.

I wanted to color something so I grabbed a random lineart and colored away.
Coloring used to be my favorite thing to do in the world. And, funny the thing is, it still is.
"We must not color outside the lines", my kindergarten teacher once said. She taught me well. LOL.

Original Lineart

Sunday, November 4, 2012

All is Good and Well

So I have a vanity closet and it had scratches.

I'm all for quick fixes and I was pretty sure I could fix it with poster paint, no sweat.

I was wrong, lol. It proved to be much harder than I thought.

After I went out to get brown acrylic paint and varnish, I painted over the whole thing instead of trying to camouflage that ugly patch. LOL. I guess it looks okay now.

It may not look as pretty given I had no idea how to replicate the wood finish but at least it isn't entirely hideous. :)) And more importantly, it looks handsomely scratch-free.


Oh and yes, of course, new blogskin! :D
Previous Layout

Current Layout

Monday, October 29, 2012


I went to a magical place today. :D
I'm not yet used to taking pictures with the new digicam, sad to say.
But these are 3 that came out nice.

Yes, only 3. *Nod nod*

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The past week, I've been drawing a lot.
Here's a couple of digital drawings I got to finish. :3