Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Only Got What I Deserved

My ever dearest Acer Aspire One ZG5,

I'm sorry for having had tinkered with you. I'm sorry I had let my ego get the better of me, thinking oh so high and mighty of myself. If I had an ounce of a conscience, I would have just let the professionals take care of you. But I was selfish and naive. I thought I could find a fix but, alas, I was wrong. And now, it's far too late. I'll send you to the repair shop tomorrow. That is, if you can still be fixed.


Yes, everyone, my laptop is now officially of no use to me in its current state. Thanks to my imbecilic carelessness, from what once started as a simple boot up problem had evolved into something of a far more incomprehensible complexity. I had it better before I suddenly decided to try and update its BIOS whatever. As opposed to how it was initially, the led lights won't even light up now. It seems as good as dead.

I plug it in, it won't charge.
I power it up, it won't turn on.


I have absolutely no idea how I'm supposed to break it to my dad.
I'll have it checked out at a computer shop tomorrow.
Oh, dear God, help me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Donuts. Again

And, here's yet another donut photo. :D
Donuts make such awesome photo props. HAHA.

Yeah, I have TONS to blog about but I'll find some other time to talk about that.
Right now. I have two programs due. I need to start on them ASAP.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Donut Panorama

Havin' donuts for brunch.
Would you like some? :)

Alright, so I'm sad since I broke my 5-day blogging streak. When I was finally able to blog for 5 straight days in a row, my internet suddenly decided to flip on me. |:

Anyway, whilst the torturous hours I've gone without internet connection, I had the time to do things I usually wouldn't have been able to. LOL. I've been painting the master's bedroom -- the room we're using as of the time being. And it's beautiful. :'D

LOL. Jason suddenly decided to let his 'artistic' side out. LOL.

It's not done yet but it's on its way. We've already painted over those drawings and part of the room is now a brilliant crisp white. :D I'll take pictures when we're done. As of now, I suppose, we'll be resuming work. Yes, 'work'. Haha. Cause our walls needs be a paintin'. :D

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who's in the Mood For Some Cheesecakes?

HUZZAH! And yes, as you can probably guess from the title, I have cheesecakes. Oh, I love them so. :D

I have no specific purpose as to why I posted these up. I'm just really happy -- and I mean REALLY happy -- that I've finally gotten to eat some after a long while. :D So happy that I thought it would be selfish to keep all this happiness to myself, that I felt as though I just needed to tell somebody. HAHA.

Do you like cheesecakes too?
I like the blueberry ones best. :D

Anyway, I shall try getting back to my programming thing now. It's hard to concentrate with a half-asleep brain. Incredibly groggy, is what I am. And I can't seem to focus. Lalalala. :D You know that moment when you see something insanely gross on TV and you get goosebumps? Yeah, I just had that. A horror flick is showing on HBO and it's amazingly horrid. LOL. I'm getting goosebumps everywhere. D: And the coldness administrated by the air-conditioner isn't helping on bit.

Lalaaaalaaaaaa. LOL. I'm at the phase of sleepiness where you're absolutely booming with misplaced hyperness. I get so hyper sometimes that I get mistaken for a drunken little elf. LOL. Meh.

I suppose I should nap for a bit. It isn't good to abuse myself like this. NAP TIME! :D I wish I don't oversleep again like last time. And the time before that. I told Jason to wake me up at midnight, sharp. That should do the trick, hopefully. :D

Till next time! :D

Sewing Machines on Rampage! D:

Good morning, little lily pads and all things beautiful. Haha. Alright, so, I was ironing clothes last night and as I did, I took time to segregate all the clothing as well, both mine and Jason's. I had set the clothes that we don't want to wear anymore to one side, and clothes that we would like to put up as donations, particularly those kiddie shirts that don't fit at all anymore, to another. You know, all that junk. And yes, we still had our kiddie clothes in our possession. Haha. I thought that, maybe, since I'll be turning 18 in a month, it's about time to clear my closet out and rid it of old clothes. And so, I did. :D I've actually already quite a pile of usable clothes now. And oh, I had set aside clothes that needed mending too. Whilst so, the funkiest idea hit me. Haha.

Well, no. Not yet. I actually wanted to know how to fix discolored clothing. I have these pair of pants and they're hopelessly of no use to me at its current state. Blotches of uneven color everywhere; it's hideous.

Therefore, as how I know every other teenager would probably do, I consulted Google. We all know how vast the WWW is, now, don't we? One website lead to another, one video lead to another video. I then came across this peculiar site that sparked my interest.

They have the most wonderful tutorials on how to sew and tweak clothes so they turn out to be something totally different. :D This video was what intrigued me the most.

As I remember saying to myself, "I must do that". LOL.
I only had one thing missing though -- a sewing machine.
And we have that. :D
I thought I could very well mend those clothes I've set aside for, you know, mending too.

I'm a independent bum, you see. And I simply cannot and will not have my clothes be fiddled with by other people. LOL. On one hand, I would prefer to mend my clothes myself. Yet, on another, I'm just waaay too lazy to even bother bothering other people with it. Hence, making me a stubbornly independent bum.

HAHA. That didn't even make sense.
Anyhow, I remember owning a sewing machine. My mom used to sew herself and I was pretty sure it was still around. So, I ventured off to the far depths of the house. And yup, I found it. :D

There she is! :D Good old lassie. HAHA. I still need to figure out how it works though. I didn't think it'd be that hard so I dove right into it and failed. Several times. LOL.

Absolutely out of topic but, that's my new school bag. Isn't it pretty? :D

And, evidential proof of one of my multiple failures as I tried to work the thing. HAHA.

Anyhow, as much as I would like to blabber on about the sewing machine thing, I must get ready for school. It's 8:19am and school starts at 11am today. I still have to read for a report I'll be doing later on this afternoon. Not to mention do a little washing as well. :D

Till next time! :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pearl Farm Resort

As promised, I shall now upload the pictures I've taken during my visit to Pearl Farm during the New Years'. That place turned out to be pretty dandy, I must say. Haha. I can't say that I had a grandeur tour of the place cause I hadn't. LOL. My friends and I spent most of our time in the room, watching TV and, well, sleeping. Haha. Pity. It was a such a nice place too.

But anyhow, not minding that minor setback, I shall now attempt to stun you with whatever pictures I did have the chance to take. :D

We went jet-ski too but those pictures are with my friend. If I ever get a grab hold of those, I'll be sure to post them up as well. :D

In CS Class

If my teacher were to ever catch me blogging at this time, I'd be a dead man. Or, more perferrably, a dead woman. HAHA.

I'm currently having my CS subject right now. That's Computer Science, to those who don't know. And, I feel like doing everything and anything but program. LOL. I always get like this. May it be blogging or studying for the next subject I'll be having, I always want to do those instead.

Right this moment, we're supposed to be working on Activity 3. In this exercise, we are to create a text file containing "I love C programming" and, with the use of C programming, change 'C programming' to 'Java programming'. Heck, I don't feel like doing that. I don't understand exactly why but, I just don't. LOL. Moody little midget, I am.

Alright then, I'll continue this post later on when I get home. I should probably start on my program thing. Maybe just a couple of lines. :D

Later. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

They're Coming For Us

I'm out of the room but it's still in there, lurking. And I was even scared enough to ask my dad, who is thousands and thousands of miles away, on what I should do. AND HE'S NOT REPLYING. Sad face. Saddest face of the saddest of sad. Oh my word, I'm such a wimp. LOL. Jason, my brother, if you guys didn't know, isn't doing any better. He wimped out as expertly as I did. FOOL. LOL.

To think he's currently the 'man' of the family as of now. Pfft. LOL. Man up, boy. I'm a girl. I have an excuse. LOL.

CRABSTICK EMPORIUM! I think we're going to have to sleep out tonight. D: NOOO. Though, admittedly, this is very much the most interesting thing that has happened to me today. Then again, the day just started. It's 2:26am. FUUU. And I'm really sleepy too. Dang, you cockroaches. The thought of you guys having had lived since the age of the dinosaurs thanks to our supposed 'indestructibility' does not help at all. D:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Surreal Dreams

Don't you just hate it when you have dreams that feel so real that they actually stimulate just as real emotions? Well, they're not 'just as real' cause the dream was just a dream -- anything but real-- but, you know, you hurt just the same. I had a couple of those last night and it was just awful.

And, evidently, I use the word 'just' a little too much. Haha. You'll have to pardon me. I've a tendency to get like that when I'm overwhelmed with emotion. Better put, it left me lost for words. It left me profoundly speechless.

I ought to keep a dream dairy. I don't dream very often but when I do, they're the most legendary things. Haha.

My dream started out with this guy I really like, love even, and well, he was back to his old self, back when I thought I had a chance with him; back when I thought he was happy having me around. He came in twins actually, both representing two very different people -- his old self, the one I love and miss, and his new self.

I couldn't care heck about his 'new self' twin because I was madly in love with the other. Then, he just had to die. His better half had to die. And I miss that part of him immensely. I woke up crying because the sense of loss and hurt I felt when he died in that dream of mine was precisely as painful, precisely as aggravating as it was when he finally got a girlfriend and I started to matter less and less.

There isn't really much of a difference between his new self and old. He's still pretty much the same old best friend of a guy who's sweet and funny and who's absurdly adorable when he begins beating on about the simplest of things. The only difference, is, well, that I don't matter as much anymore. He doesn't need me. I doubt that he ever did need me, actually. But, you know, he made me feel like he did. He made me feel like I mattered, like I mattered a lot.

It's whole lot different now.

I know it might've not been a very valid reason to cry but, good golly, I did. And I'm not going to shy about of it.

Okay, anyway, guess what?
I made a song.
HAHAHA. I've always wanted to say that. :>

It's not much though since it's only the first verse, but here we have it. :D


And in case whatever I'm saying is completely incomprehensible, on your behalf, here are the lyrics.

Joanna Morales

Sittin' by the driveway
Feelin' mighty low
And I whisper words in the air
Little thoughts of you
Dancin' in my mind
Smilin' as though you were here

Oh, heck yeah, I feel so awesome. HAHA. :D
I shall now attempt to find a beat for it. Or if I'm lucky enough and my abilities allow me, make a beat of my own. LOL. Wish me luck! :D

And since I'm feeling very musical tonight, I might as well go for it full throttle.
Watch me dance and I will blow your brains out. HAHAHAHA.

Well, not really.
But if you're really bored, like, really really bored, it gets entertaining after a while. :D

Friday, January 7, 2011

Awesome Programming Powers Activate!

Who popped up on your mind when you read that? :)
I would tell you who but, well, let's just say I'm not very proud of whom I thought of, not very proud of the fact that, of all people, the first person I thought of had to be him.
HAHA. Vague princess in the building. :D

Anyhow, back to the real reason for this post.

This is why I want to change courses. It took me 4 long, excruciating hours to just code a single stinkin' activity for my programming class. Heck, I'm so awesome for finishing it. Considering the multiple resource sites I still had to consult to clarify what my forever tearfully ambiguous programming teacher wouldn't explain, it's a grand, grand achievement, I say.

LOL. I'm sorry. I guess I'm sounding pretty much overly harsh on the subject. It's due to all this frustration I'm having right now. Programming is nothing to joke about, seriously. I mean, wow, a whole 4 hours of uninterrupted research and coding. Could you imagine that? It's insane. But I suppose it's only because I've gotten slow. It probably wouldn't have taken me that long if I had everything down right from the beginning. I kind of wish my teacher was a tad bit more comprehensible sometimes, even just a little. He goes too fast. |:

Haha, anyway, I shan't further rant on about whatever. I'll be giving my eyes a rest for a bit before reading on Tata Selo and studying for History. Goodness, it's been a while since I been last been this stressed. I hope I don't accidentally sleep in again. Haha. GOOD NIGHT. I'll post the pictures I took from my New Year's at Pearl Farm some other time when I'm not busy with school stuff. Count on it. :D

It's times like this that I long to have a camera phone. It'd be so abso-freakin-lutely way more easier to upload pictures that way.

Annnnnd, since I'm bored. (And vain)