Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick Hoe-Down

And since I'm in the mood, I shall now make a summary of whatever I can remember from whatever had transpired the past couple of months. I should really learn how to "just do" things. I procrastinate so much that I procrastinate the actual procrastination. LOL. Anyhow, back to topic. I shall utilize the use of bullets cause they're oh so convenient. Haha. :D

Alright, so maybe no bullets. But, here we go. :D

Eve of February 4 - Relatives from Manila arrived. Jason also had his Sophomore's Night at school, making us both unable to fetch them from the airport.

Evidently, or not so evidently, from that picture above, we had a cowboy ensemble thing going on. We were only able to meet our relatives at home, after the event.

Eve of February 5 - Daddy arrived. Jason and I basically wasted the day away locked up in the room. Interaction with our relationally distant cousins was kept at a minimum since it was honestly rather awkward. LOL.

February 6 - Epic family time 'get-together' outing. We spent the whole day going places like the Crocodile Park, Butterfly Garden thing, Pantatan (Some eatery that specializes in 'pantat' or 'catfish'). LOL. It sounds so wrong to throw 'pantat' in along with a bunch of English words. Haha. Anyhow, not important. We watched some sort of fire-dance thing too. :D Pictures soon to come cause, as for now, I'm just far too lazy to reach for my external drive. LOL. They're all in it.

Eve of February 6 -After watching the fire-dance thing at that place right beside Crocodile Park, whatever they call it, we headed for NCCC. It's a mall, to those who don't know. And in the mall, they bought me a cake. Yes, they were being so incredibly inconspicuous about it. *Sarcasm* HAHA. Well, at least they were sweet enough to keep what sort of cake it was secret. Bless their souls. Hahaha. :D Speaking of cake, I'm now craving for some. But that's besides the point.

We then had dinner at home -- barbecue it was, I think -- and after which, I was left to await midnight alone before they came bursting through the bedroom door with the cake and with cameras rolling and happy faces. The cake was chocolate, if you must know. And again, pictures, soon to come. :D

February 7 - Huzzah, it's the big day. It was officially my birthday. I'm not one to make a big deal out of birthdays but, at that very moment on that very day, it felt unjust to have birthday celebrants still attend school on their special day. LOL. I had a couple of people greet me because they remembered, I had a couple of people greet me because Facebook remembered to remind them, and I had very little few people who actually got me something. For those who did, I am eternally grateful. Not that I was being materialistic or even expectant, but it's nice to receive gifts sometimes, you know? It made me feel loved, feel important, to think that there were people who cared enough for me to actually go through all that hassle of getting me something. This might sound all too over-dramatic but it felt like I actually had something to live for because, for once, I could feel and could proclaim with much conviction, that there are people who are actually, honestly grateful that I was born. :'D

This is why I love birthdays, especially mine. It never fails to give me, and hopefully other people as well on their birthdays, a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth. :D

February 8 - School
February 9 - School
February 10 - School

February 11 - Went shopping with Kong, Jason and dad for a red blouse to be used on Valentine's Day.

Eve of February 11 - Grocery with Jason and dad at NCCC. Kong tagged along as well. After all was said and done, Kong headed home and then dad drove Jason and I to SM to have us three have three unbelievably fun rounds of bumper cars together. Legendary family quality time, I say. :D

February 12 - At 7am, Daddy went back to Qatar. I practically slept through the rest of the day cause I could help but feel depressed if I didn't.

February 13 - LOVE FEST THING! :D And right after, sea dragon at the Rosemary Carnival. :D I was even able to shoot a video. Oh gosh, I was so brave. :'> HAHA.

February 14 - I wrote a post on this day. Read it.

Yeah, and since the mood's gone, here are some pictures of things that happened after that. HAHA. I'm so bipolar, I know. Skip, skip, skipping to February 19, 2011. It was a beautiful Saturday and we had that cheer dance event. :D


I had my hair colored. :D The cheer dance was yet to start at 7pm. Kong had me go to school earlier that afternoon cause, thinking that the event would start at 7am, he came to school way early and was apparently getting bored. Haha. Whilst waiting for 7pm, I thought, "Hey, why not color my hair?". So, surely enough, I did. :D

Don't I look puuuurdy? HAHA. As you can see, there isn't much of a difference really.

And so, the cheer dance thing took play and lalala, Accountancy took the seat as overall winner. I didn't really pay much attention, to be frank. Other issues at hand were of greater importance and I was quite distracted. I can't really divulge what it was about but yeah, I was distracted. LOL.

I then headed to Frozen Avenue with Sam and Carl. We took pictures. Like, only about 3 of them cause my phone was mercilessly running low on battery.

Carl found that mask on the floor somewhere on our way there. Don't they look stunning? :> HAHA.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ugly Dancing Monkey

HAHAHAHAHA. I am immensely entertained right now. You cannot possibly imagine how much. HAHAHAHA. I was reading through my previous blog posts cause I just couldn't help but feel nostalgic today. And, you know, I had also wanted to assess how much my writing has advanced -- or rather yet, deteriorated -- through the years. And gosh, as I did, I came across a not so old link I've posted only, I suppose, a month ago. Check it out.

HAHA. I look cross-eyed, I know. And it's absolutely ridiculous but, lol, it's just the darnest thing. HAHAHA. Senseless entertainment, at the very least. Haha. It's funnier to watch when you have your face plastered on there. LOL. You ought to try it. :)

Anyhow, I had better take a bath. There's this cheer dance thing to be held at school today and my friend got my tickets. It would be such a shame if those were to go to waste, yes? :D

I find it so hard to get started on anything nowadays; blog posts included. My sincerest apologies. I've been throwing about empty promises lately. I'm not quite sure what's wrong.

Motivational picture time! Haha. My posts can never seem complete without these things. :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awesome Rings

Alright, before anything else, I want this.

LOL. I think it's just the cutest thing. If I were to have a boyfriend, I'd like him to get two of these to wear as our couple rings. That way, everyday, we could write something that we love about each other on it and when we hold hands, we could read what the other wrote. :D Hahaha, wouldn't that be sweet? :)

HAHAHA. Anyhow, I'm here once again cause I just had to express the joy I'm feeling right now. WE HAVE SHORTED CLASSES TODAY! Woot woot! :D Now, who wouldn't be psyched about that? LOL.

I like apples. :D

HAHA. Okay, totally random. Anyhow, I've still a scrapbook to finish in under an hour. If I ever complete this with ample enough time to spare, I'll snap pictures. I really wanted to surf the net for Samsung Wave fixes cause my phone has been on the fritz lately. It corrupts my pictures, for crying out loud. But then, in retrospect, after having had considered what had become of my last configuration 'project', I decided to go get help instead. Haha. My laptop is irreversibly dead now. I think I fried its circuits. LOL. That's what I get for being a total doo-doo head. LOL. It's to the mall later today! :D