Thursday, March 24, 2011

All At Once

Hello everyone, a very good morning to you! :D How is everyone doing this wonderful morning? :D So, I actually had plans on writing this post like, two nights ago cause I WAS BEING AWESOME. Haha. I was litol Miss Joanna Chef for the night. It was freaking awesome. Hahaha. We, my brother and myself, were home alone that solemn evening and we got hungreeeeeh.

So, we whipped up whatever dish we could with what was available.
With ham.
And with bread. :D


Annnnnyyyhoooow, along with that, we attempted to make some French toast. Which, I initially thought to be French bread, by the way. I asked Google for a French bread recipe and when I saw that we needed flour, I was like, "WHAT THE HECK? We don't have flour. :(".

And yeah, realized, it was supposed to be French toast.

We didn't get to make any though cause we ran out of bread whilst eating the scrambled eggs we had made. Sad face. ): But, we were full enough so I guess all was well. :D

Well, that just about sums up our evening of fun two days ago. Now, onto more pressing matters. Haha, well, not really. LOL.

Okay, so, I came across this fantastic news vlog thing that just tugged on my heartstrings. It helped return to me this whole sense of inner peace that I've been long parted with. It was just amazing. The video is -- rather, the videos are -- about heaven, how it exists and how this sweet little boy has and is a manifestation of whatever substantial proof of it. Go on ahead and watch it, if you like. :)

Oh, and I finally got to watch 'The Lovely Bones'. :D
Just last night, I watched it. I've always wanted to watch it.

And quite similarly to that video I had just mentioned, this movie too is about heaven what not. You must be wondering what is up with me and this sudden inclination towards things concerning death, huh? Well, I do not know either. HAHA.

I don't know. It's purely coincidental, I suppose. But, even so, I'd be lying if I said that it had nothing to do with my mum passing on. I do miss her so. Incredibly.

What drew me to this movie was due to the fact that during my fourth year in high school, we had a play that was rather akin.

That was our poster. I designed it myself. :)

Neither played out to be precisely like the other but the whole idea of it, it was all one and the same. The only significant difference that I can possibly point out is that, in our play, her murderer had used a different lure. He was so much more tactical in the movie.

And as I tweeted that very night,

For those deep, philosophical and even poetic people, I highly recommend that you watch this. I have reason to believe that you guys will enjoy it very, very much. :)

Joanna is hungry. :3
Hahaha. Till next time! :D

Oh, and, last night, I made Henky Pie a video. Two of them actually. I'd put it up on here but I don't think any of you would be all that interested. HAHA.

Alright, toodles! :D

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cause I Can

Heyyyy. So, guess what? I am blogging with the use of an iPad. Awesome, yes? Haha.
Anyway, so I'm at my friend's house and I'm helping him pack. Well, sort of, I guess. Lol. We end up just slacking off and shiz. Cause, you know, no one really likes packing. Haha. He'll be leaving the country 6 days from now and helping him pack is not helping me feel any better about it. :/