Monday, December 5, 2011

No One Ever Bothered to Perfect the Jetpack

There is no hope for me. :))
Would you believe me if I told you I'm in class right now?
I'm in class right now and would rather blog. Or sleep. Or both. Or eat. Or all three at once. Heck, I'd even rather go home and clean. Everything, and I do really mean everything, but coding sounds fun at the moment. Wish I had the the same level of enthusiasm for coding programs as I have for blogging and making blogskins. Actually, given how much I admittedly enjoy doing those things, I think even a miniscule fraction of a fraction of it would do me wonders. Good gravy, why do I just have to be so visual?

I hate how plain the CMD looks.
Most especially, I hate how I never need to use photoshop.

I love photoshop. We're like the best of buds.
I actually wouldn't mind as much if I still had the time for random edits but I often never have enough. And when I do insist on having random photoshop sessions in hopes of keeping myself sane, I suffer the consequences. It's not fair.|:

Well anyway, that's probably enough negativity for one day. Happy thoughts. :D

Earlier this morning, we finally had our JavaServer Pages report for Programming Languages and it went marvelously. I feel silly for even worrying as much as I did. Silly Joey. :)) I suppose this goes to show that, sometimes, the worst of things happen only in your head and things are never really as bad as they seem. :))

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Want My Own Domain

I guess from now on, I'll make a habit out of posting pictures of places I'd rather be. :D
Hey there, you! :D Top of the evening.
I reckon you noticed the layout change. :D

Not quite though with it, I'm afraid.

How I planned it.

Turn out.

I haven't changed much of anything and it's rending me unrulingly insatiable. But it's best that I let it lie since I've been working on it since noon. It's nearing midnight now; I think I've done enough editing for today. Nothing much going on tonight besides realizing how irksome I find Nuffnang ads to be. Hippidy-moo.

An entire day free of all academic obligations and I waste it away doing this. It's all too awfully upsetting, really. But yeah, bygones.

I can tell it'll be a rather stressful week from here on end.