Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Command Line Interface

Good gosh, I don't understand a thing. |:
I'm at Bo's Coffee at the moment, trying to comprehend the mystery that is CLI with all my might.
I had coffee to keep me myself awake but it isn't helping the slightest bit. What I ordered probably didn't even have much caffeine. LOL. I never know what I'm supposed to get. :)) Good gracious, I'm still so sleepy.

CLI; the Command Line Interface.
That's about all I got. LOL.

There is enough time, Joanna. No need to panic.
You're doing just lovely.
Take one step at a time, one foot after the other.
You'll get there soon.

Nuggets. It's times like this that I feel so dim. :))
I need a book on C and C++. I've forgotten how to read from a file. Goodness, I've even forgotten how to execute a graceful exit, the most basic of basics. I forgot everything.

Stop stalling.

Well, actually, I do remember a handful of things. I help code my brother's C programs just fine.
In that case, I suppose the problem doesn't lie in my programming skills then. It's with these algorithms; I don't get them. Coding should come much easier once I get them down.


I would do so many things if I had an oven. Yes, I'd bake to my heart's content. Cupcakes! Cakes! Cookies! More cupcakes! Haha. But other than that, I'd most definitely want to do these things too. :D
DIY Crayons
DIY Handmade Clay Pots

Now, I'm quite certain these are just a small fraction of the wide variety of the things you could do with an oven but I want to do those two the most. :D

LOL, distractions.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Summary of My Week

Focus; the one thing I am horridly in lack of.
There are far too many distractions in the world.
How am I expected to concentrate in the midst of them?

I'll keep my Facebook deactivated til I learn a little self-discipline.
I'm sleepy. -_-

Last Tuesday, I was a guest DJ on Edge Radio. It was such a great experience. I definitely wouldn't mind doing it again. :D My classmates were immensely supportive. It wouldn't have been as half as fun as it was without them.

Wednesday, I met with Jam! We had fancy burgers at Hollywood Burgers. We window-shopped and made fun of toys at the departments store. LOL.She helped me pick out a phone to save up for too. :D

Friday, my shoe broke as I walked through Abreeza so I had to buy myself a new pair. They're fabulous, to say the least. LOL.

And on Saturday, I had happy Jam and Kirk bonding time. :3 We met at SM and spent the majority of our time together at Coffee for Peace. Kirk had his electric guitar with him so we were playing songs and singing while we had our coffee. I had a whale of a time. :D

That night though, for the first time ever, I got wasted. LOL. I've sincerely always wanted to say that. Jam, Kirk, Nicole, Jay and I had dinner at Mcdonald's and after they had to leave, I decided to stay for a little while to catch up with a friend I met there.

I got drunk on tequila with my high school batch mates.
I bumped into them at Mcdonald's and decided to tag along.

Being drunk gets you so discombobulated. I was out of control. I couldn't walk properly and I blabbed nonsense. Walking drunk in heels, I kept tripping over. Good thing I had friends sober enough to take care of me. NEVER AGAIN, I SAY. LOL.

Can't say I didn't have fun but I don't think I would want to put myself through all that again.
Health-wise, I don't see how it could be in any way beneficial.
Besides, I'm allergic to alcohol.
I woke up with rashes.

Aaaaand, the entire time I was writing this post, I was supposed to study. :))
Oh well. LOL.
Good morning! ♥