Snow White Challenge

I may not be the fairest maiden of the land but pretending that I am sure is fun. :))
For this year's Halloween, I'll be Snow White. LOL. I look ghastly pale but it goes with the theme.
Snow White does have skin as white as snow, does she not?

It's perfect. LOL. I take such bad pictures with my phone.
I got so frustrated while editing cause, unlike the pictures I used to take with my digital camera, the resolution for this photo is so low. Well, it's not too horrible, I suppose, but it's grainy.

I'll save for a new digicam.

This is what I do when I'm sad. I put on make up, take pictures of myself and edit them on photoshop. :)) And since I couldn't see why not, I went on ahead and revamped my blog layout as well. Woohoo! More photoshop!~

I want my blog to be a happy place, a space that's homy and fun. But until I get a good concept going, I'll settle with this. It already feels a wee bit more personal. :D


Hello there, you beautiful human being, you. :))
I've finished watching all 9 episodes of Salad Fingers the other day.
Admittedly, it's awfully disturbing. I don't even know how I managed to sit through all of it. LOL.

Here we have the first episode.
Viewer discretion is highly advised, lol.

I've been very much drawn to dark, scary things lately. Being an ardent fan of Tim Burton's work, I guess I always have been. I just find them massively interesting. I've explained this to a friend once before. I like dark things cause they tend to have such great back stories to them.

All this began with me wanting to learn animation. I browsed through Youtube to hopefully figure out what sort of style I'd like to adopt.

I think I might want to get into 3D animation.

But be it in 2D or 3D, I am quite certain I wouldn't want it to have much dialog. If possible, I'd rather it not have any dialog at all.

I have a long way to go.
I haven't a clue on how to animate yet. :))

The Color Quiz

My results on the Color Quiz speaks magnitudes. LOL.
It's entertaining how much of it I agree with.

I need to find inspiration. 

Your Existing Situation
Outgoing but unpredictable and unstable. Likes things to go her way, otherwise she becomes agitated, indecisive, and fake in her activities.

Your Stress Sources
Demands to be noticed by others as an important individual, needs attention and recognition. her current situation is leaving her dissatisfied. she feels she needs to make friends with those who hold the same high standards she does. Wants to stand out as someone at the top of her class and be admired by others. she needs to feel in control which makes it difficult to give of herself to another person. she feels isolated and alone but refuses to appear weak and continues to be emotionally distant from others in order to keep her attitude of superiority.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Giving more than she is getting back and feels misunderstood and unappreciated. Feels she is being forced into compromising and even her close relationships leave her feeling emotional distant.

Seeking to broaden her horizons and believes her hopes and dreams are realistic. Worries she may not be able to do the things she wants and needs to escape to a peaceful, quiet environment in order to restore her confidence.

Current events leave her feeling forced into compromise in order to avoid being cut off from affection or future cooperation.

Your Desired Objective
Seeks to be known for something she has accomplished and uses her social abilities to win people over. Emotional and sensitive and romantic.

Your Actual Problem
Fears others will try to hold her back from achieving her goals and the things she wants. Puts on the charm and can be manipulative towards others hoping she can get them to do as she wishes and making it easier for her to reach her own goals.

Your Actual Problem #2
Impressed by unique and one of a kind things, and by people with exceptional personalities. Tries to takes the characteristics she likes in other people and apply it to herself as well as coming across as a unique individual.

Garbage Bag Dress

I was trying to clean the house this afternoon.
So there I was, with a broom and large garbage bag ready.
I looked at that garbage bag and I laughed at how ridiculously large it was. It was ginormous. I laughed even more thinking that if I ever had to stash a body away somewhere, it would be perfect for it. LOL. It was just so impossibly big.

And with that thought, instead of cleaning, I made a dress out of that garbage bag. Once I found out that I could fit right in, I just had to. HAHA.

I felt like a princess. :3
I used an ironed Mcdonald's plastic bag for the front since I had several sheets of them lying around for the plastic wallet I intended to make. It was a long 'dress' but I couldn't take a full length shot on my own and my brother refused to partake in any of my shenanigans. LOL.

Today was a fun day. :D
And I have a new dress. HAHA.
I guess that could count as an achievement. :))