Saturday, January 12, 2013

Belated Happy New Year!

My to-do list runs long. I have listed neither 'write a blog post' nor 'watch The Big Bang Theory' but, sadly, with my absolute inability to conform to anything that comes close to a routine, I'm doing exactly what I didn't set out to do today. Oh, the untamed rebel teen spirit.

I'm being all sorts of unproductive. Hahaha.

Hello there, fellow cockatoos.
First of all, Belated Happy New Year! :D

I have successfully put together a series of DIY projects I want to do. I have started on a number of them; most of which I have left unfinished. I've been trying to work on them one project at a time.

Last year, late November, I began work on my 'cloud mobiles'. It was then when I made a solemn oath to myself that unless I prevail in both making and setting up these cloud mobiles, I will not blog.

It's the 12th of January, 2013 and I still have only one of the intended three cloud mobiles kept in storage since December, just hanging pretty in my closet. Due to this, I have missed out on blogging about one too many events.

Forget it, lol.
I'll finish it when I finish it but I'll keep writing.

As of this very moment, I don't even know where I ought to start so I guess I shall put it all off yet another day. Yes, I have a chronic procrastination problem. I should look into it and I will. Perhaps. Eventually. Haha.

I badly want to read Paulo Coelho's 'By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept' but all the bookstores I went to were out. In lieu, I bought books on sale. I'm now on 'Haunted' by Chuck Palahniuk. It's gross. I wanted to read it solely because Palahniuk had also written 'Fight Club' but I should've paid a little more attention to its content.

I guess it could be considered an interesting read but I can't say I'm all too crazy about it.

This is rubbish, I know. Haha.
I have things to say, pictures to show, but I really should start ticking off stuff from my to-do list for today.
Till the mood to blog strikes again!~ C:

I came across a real good skit on New Year's. It's an embodiment of my prayer for this year and, probably, for all my life. I just wanted to finish this post off with it to share the message I was and am still so deeply touched by.

I am God's original masterpiece.
We all are.

Happy New Year! (: