Thursday, April 11, 2013


Waiting on love is much easier said than done, isn't it?
I found songs that have helped me stay patient and I just wanted to share them.

And of course, there are books! :D
'Saving My First Kiss: Why I'm Keeping Confetti in My Closet' by Lisa Velthouse
'Ten Commandments for Choosing God's Best' by Leah Marasigan Darwin
'Wait For Me: Rediscovering the Joy of Purity in Romance' by Rebecca St. James
'Lady in Waiting: Becoming God’s Best While Waiting for Mr. Right' by Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones

Stay hopeful and enjoy the wait.
Rest assured, the one for you is waiting on you too. ♥

"Promise me, O women of Jerusalem,
by the gazelles and wild deer,
not to awaken love until the time is right."

Song of Songs 2:7