Sunday, March 30, 2014

Apoxie Sculpt

Hey guys, happy new year! :D Despite the fact that it's nearing the end of March.
Things have been awesome, to say the least. I've been incredibly busy with school and what-not. Tonight, I have several things lined up and shall, therefore, be pulling an all-nighter. I really ought to stop blogging as a means of procrastination but this is sincerely the only time I get in the mood to blog.

For finals, we're sculpting with Apoxie Sculpt. I've been excited about it since last February when our teacher first introduced it to us. In my enthusiasm, I jumped right into it and, now, it's looking astronomically horrendous. I should've taken the time to plan but hey, bygones. I should have probably also considered an easier character to sculpt; working with the one I went with is proving to be a rather ambitious endeavor. I imagined myself to be much more skilled at this. I've proven myself wrong, however. My sole source of motivation to keep working on it is the fact that I'm making it for my little brother. Otherwise, I would have long scrapped it.

Pity Apoxie Sculpt isn't sold anywhere in Davao. For this project, our teacher had the good stuff shipped from Manila. My family and I will likely spend a day or two there later this year and when we do, I'm buying a heaping pile of it.

I'm so angry at my piece now. It doesn't even look remotely decent. T^T But it's a work in progress. I probably shouldn't be too quick to critic. There is still hope! I hope. Haha. In any case that it does stay a complete wreck, I've decided that I will forgive myself.

All I have to do is survive these last two weeks and I'll be home free. No more school! :D That is, for a week and then I'll have summer classes. Haha. I'll plan the week out for optimum unwinding time. Perhaps a week would be all I need. :D