Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catalysts Reunion

I am at Tealoca at the moment. I got wintermelon with egg pudding. I feel a wee bit upset that I thought of taking a picture of it only after I had drank it all. Although, I am quite sure many of you already know what wintermelon milk tea looks like so that picture shall instead serve as proof that I actually am where I say I am. I wouldn’t make too good of a food blogger.

I wish I would though. I’ve been eating a whole lot this week.


Went to Tealoca around 4pm to wait till the gathering I was to attend to at 6pm. We had a little Catalysts of 2013 reunion. A reunion for the 2013 Catalysts? I'm not even sure how to properly phrase that. Haha.

We ate at Mama Maria's Pizzeria but, much like me, these guys are not much of food bloggers. Haha. We gobbled all 6 pizzas up before anyone had the chance to take pictures of them.

I have a perfectly functional digital camera and yet I insist on using my phone to take pictures. I thought about it and I think it's because I feel like a tourist when I go about taking pictures with my digital camera. Also, it may be because I often want to take pictures of the randomest things so, worse than looking like a tourist, people might think I've lost it. Hahahaha.

These things shouldn't matter. I shall make it a point to keep photo journal and log daily. For real this time! Haha. These are for today. :D

Monday, May 26, 2014

Art Dump: May 2014