Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Won't Have You Any Other Way

So, I totally made myself a new picture thing for my 'about me'. Not my best array of photos, I should say, but it's alright for now. :D After what I made myself go through doing that, my mind is set; I am so not tossing all my efforts out the window and redoing it. NEVER! LOL! I should probably update what it says on there as well but whatever alternate 'about me' descriptions I come up with just won't do. It's epic enough as it is; it's rather hard to compete with that, you know?

I ranted on Facebook today - on my friend's status. Hahaha. And because I am forever doomed to dwindle off in my self-satisfactory practice of egoism, I will post whatever I said here for all to see. LOL! It's rather lengthy though, so brace yourselves. xD

That's not what upsets me though. It just doesn't make sense to me. These factors you speak of, aren't they willed by God? In our lives, we will love so many others, few whom we've given our whole hearts to only to have them shatter it into bits and pieces in due time, over and over. It hurts so much sometimes that we come to believe that God does indeed deny us the people we love. But in truth, we've only denying ourselves of the fact that God has someone better for us in mind; someone who we won't only love, but someone who will love us just as much. We refuse to let go of these people - oftentimes, we actually run back to them - and that's what makes everything doubly as hard, doubly as hopeless. God intends what he knows is best for you. Not what you believe that is to be.

Love is a wonderful feeling. It is beautiful as it is grand. And it's splendor is multipled hundreds, thousands and milllions times over when you have someone you share it with. I am glad that God does not pair me up with people I love. I am glad that they have unattainable standards that I can't reach. Cause these are evidences that prove to me that they are incapable of loving. When there is love, real love, all standards are evicted and one definitely does not have to think about it. It just happens. And that's the beauty of it. We deserve to be loved, wholely and deeply, and we should not stand to have these people make us believe that we ought be sad just because they don't love us.

What upsets me about this is cause love has been laid down in such a technical matter that it's almost like you've given up on love itself, on God and on his plans for you. Even God can't make people love you, true. But what he can do is bring you close to the people who will. We just need to free our hearts from all the hurt we've inflicted onto ourselves so that we can realize these things. Have a little faith. :)

And, I didn't go to the cosplay thing. |: Funny what fear does to you. Anyhow, it's okay. :D I'll have my sip of coffee now. I'm on my last can of Latte. MUST. GET. MORE.

Laters! <3 :D

You Fit in My Heart, Snug Like a Glove

I got featured on Glenden's blog just the other day. I feel cool. :) I love the song he has up on there. Thank you, Glenden! :D And for that, I will put up one of yours. :D

And one day you will find the special star,
Which will add to your flame,
And you will burn brighter then ever,
Spreading joy and happiness for miles around.

- Glenden Yeo

Keep making them poems, Glen! They're splendid. :D

Dear Globe Broadband Internet Tattoo thing,

Of all the many other times you could've chosen to screw yourself up, why did you just HAVE to pick now? I detest you from the very core of my being. You will be hearing from me! And that's a threat. Cause I'm my very own illegitimate lawyer. HAH! How do you like them apples? D< I hope you die the most horrible death imaginable for inanimate things. Why do you do this to me? D: At least let me, you know, log on yahoo messenger. Or any messenger, for that matter. This is important stuff! D:

But anyway, no use brooding over that. I hope it gets better. It must. For Globe's reputation's sake. Cause I am a very, VERY dissatisfied customer. Angry face. |: BUT ANYWAY, like I said, no use brooding over that.

NOW, let us divert our attention to the finer details of this situation; the happier ones. Well, for one thing, my Globe tattoo adapter thing has a really rad design. :) LOL! Eh, I think I'll be headed off to bed now. Cosplay awaits me tomorrow afternoon and I'm yet to print the registration form they've sent me. I most definitely must be well rested for it. Wouldn't want to find myself wobbling through the crowds, at the brink of collapsing. :D "No can do!", said the man in the zoo. Ohmygosh, I am the rhyming king. :D

I'm supposed to look like this:

But I don't see how that's possible. LOL. I'll get red ruby shoes or something. "There's no place like home. There's no place like home." Hahaha. xD And yes, I did edit that picture a bit. Doesn't it look awesome? :) LOL.

Apologies to whomever I was chatting with a while back. I did not mean to log out on such sort notice. Blame my internet provider for doing such a great job living up to its expectations; expectations of FAILURE. |: LOL. Okay, I'll stop beating on it. But still, I'm pretty disappointed.

Anyhow, it's off to sleepy-land. Have you heard? I'm having dreams again. :) Dreams are just wonderful things. Dreams, welcome back. :D