Monday, July 25, 2011

Lush and Lavish

Fallacy lurks, dormant in its sleep.
Vicious and volatile, it engulfs as it seeks.
Fallacy creeps, its secrets lie.
Horrid apparitions, it's an eye for an eye.

Clustered yet sparse, and vaguely untamed.
Traces of affection, it wouldn't contain.
Fluid in motion, our dreams intertwine.
I hope you find comfort in these words of mine. 

I present this poem with a heavy heart.
This was brought about by the lull of my conformity in words.
I was having a Calculus quiz and nothing made sense. Writing this was my means of feeling better, of soothing my wounded esteem; the only means of which I found to be working.

LOL. It makes no sense at all, really.
But, no matter. :D

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Ran Out of Titles

Hey there, blog.
Now, don't you think that picture is just the most precious thing? :D

I've been up since a little over 8pm and now, I'm sleepy all over again. Funny what barely an hour of Volleyball can do to such an unhealthy fellow such as myself. Haha. I bought a Volleyball ball and practiced doing bump passes as soon as I got home. After which, I bathed and took a nappy nap before being startled awake by Jason to help him with this Math project of his.

I was put in-charge of this here map diagram thingamabob. Can't say I'm too proud of it though. I had little time to work on it. Bleh. And now, here I am, blogging.

I was supposed to study for my programming class and Calculus but hey, heck with that. LOL.
I haven't the mood.

I had my Biology exam today; my first exam this week.
It t'was average, I suppose. I believe it would have had the potential to be way easier if I had actually studied for it. LOL. Oh well. My next exam is not till next week. I have the rest of this week to prepare and review, basically, mug. Yay.

Earlier this afternoon, right after school, I bought a box of cheesecakes from Lachi's, that of which now only has 3 out of a total of 9 cheesecakes remaining. I know, Jason and I are such gluttonous bums. LOLJK. But not really. Haha. Yup, they're just that good. :D

You know, I feel boring. I've been feeling awfully boring for quite some time now, actually.
No, I don't feel bored. I feel boring, uninteresting, dull. LOL. This is very sad news. Though, I think I know why.

Something's been bothering me. And I've reason to believe it's quite serious indeed.
It's all I can think about and, honestly, it's starting to genuinely scare me.
I'll try figuring things out after exam week.
I need to set my priorities, no matter how difficult that seemingly is.

I wrote this blog post cause I had felt the need to rant.
LOL. I guess we'll have none of that. Good night, everyone.
Have pleasant dreams. :)

Today, I started on 'A Separate Peace'.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mi Amore

Hello there. I just arrived home from Abreeza and even if today turned out rather splendid, being home still feels just as unsettling.

It's been several days since I've last gotten the chance to talk to him and not hearing from him, I admit, is quite unnerving. Paranoia has begun to sink in and is rocking my boat fairly viciously. I can't help but wonder what's wrong. I miss him, I'm worried, I'm uneasy and I'm sad.

I refuse to seek comfort from anyone for I know for a fact that ranting will solve nothing.
I've hopes that writing this blog post will bring me temporary relief. It's helping a little bit, actually.
Anyhow, I'll try calling him tomorrow.

It's about time I confront this fear I've known all too well.
Silly as it is, I've always been afraid to call him.
I'm not anymore. Cause I know I shouldn't be.
I want to hear his voice.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday Humbug

Fudgeballs. I woke up late.
And now, I'm missing what could potentially be the most awesome day of my second year college life.

Today, right now, our Computer Science division is currently having its Sportsfest.
I don't know what exactly goes on in these things cause, last year, I didn't really bother to attend.
For, as you can see, it's a Sportsfest and I don't do sports.

But this year, well, this year, I thought it could be different.
Setting aside the plausible fact that I might indeed may be just after the bonus points my Computer Programming teacher, Mrs. Nisperos, offered, I actually wanted to go this year.
Again, no, not only for the bonus points but I really think this would have been a very opportune moment for me and my new classmates to possibly bond.

Yeah, I just had to wake up late.
Fishsticks. |:

Anyhow, moving on along now.
I was actually in the middle of coding my assignment for my CS212 class when I felt the sudden urge to blog. We're into coding 'mini-game'-like java programs now. They're not exactly mini-games but they're 'mini-game'-like.

I am always quite hesitant to blog about these programs of mine.
I fear I might bore you guys to tears with my programming technicalities. Though sometimes, as sad as this might sound, they're really all I have left to talk about. Haha. College work does that to you, I suppose. Evidently, I've grown to be very passionate about mine. LOL.

OH, which reminds me.
I don't know how it conceivably could but it did.
My FoodTrip Barkada friends and I had dinner out yesterday! :D
Well, we were supposed to anyway. It turned out to be a major flop.
Only 2 out of 4 came and one of the two who showed up was me.
I was also supposed to watch Transformers 3 with another bunch of friends as well last night but I supposed it got cancelled since I didn't get a reply text back.

Fleur, the other of us two, and I ended up having dinner at Taps.

LOL. I got that image off Google since I don't exactly have a functional camera phone.
As of late, I haven't been taking pictures of anything substantial. Rather, I haven't been taking any pictures at all. Haha.

Anyhow, that was how my whole evening panned out.
I have NSTP on Saturday so I spent my afternoon in school.
I spent most of my morning at school too, actually. I had to get there a lot earlier to help work on a group project.

I promise to take more pictures next time.
I'm currently training myself to use my digital camera more often. Haha.
And hopefully, it pays off.

I've got to go work on my program now. :)
Plus, study for Calculus. Discrete Mathematics, Physics and Biology.
Till the next post! :D

Happy Sunday, everyone.
It's now raining where I'm at. :)