School, School School

Alright, first things first.
My very first day in school was a total hysterical knockout. Apparently, I'd barged into the wrong classroom and stayed there till recess. I was way too embarrassed to walk out and I bet you would be too. There I was, all ecstatic about my new section and then, POP. They just had to burst my bubble.

This everyone, is a grand example of the ghastly and highly avoided effects of over stimulation.
I met Janelle on my second day.
She's really friendly :D

From the second day onwards, it was a one way ticket to snoreville.
It was all about rules, basic orientation, getting to know each other and more rules.

Tomorrow, the real fun begins.
:/ Gee, hooray.

Currently, I am burdened with the task of collecting P5 each from my classmates. I managed to do a great deal of work myself, having already collected from almost half the class. Since I'm not that well-known enough, I have to confront each and everyone of them. Once again, I emphasize, burdened.