Justice is Served

After hours and hours of debugging, research and even MORE debugging, I happened to make the javascript for my IT project IE COMPATIBLE! HAH, TAKE THAT! :D

Look at how pretty it turned out :) Hahaha, I apologize for the puny screen resolution. I've had to work with that small a screen for every waking moment ever since my aunt and uncle moved in. GRR, feel my undisputed pain! Hahaha :D

I've got to start on some serious mugging, with Social Studies and English periodicals fast approaching. Well, it's tomorrow actually. Hahaha, fast approaching INDEED.

Oh dear, is it just me or are my posts getting more and more boring? I CURRENTLY HAVE NO TIME TO RANT ON ABOUT MY 'SLIGHTLY-MORE-INTERESTING-THAN-WATCHING-AN-IDLE-ROCK' LIFE AND IT SADDENS ME IMMENSELY. As of my posting frequency, considering how busy I will be in the next couple of weeks, I've settled with the 4-day (at the most) interval plan. Blogging is addictive, I have to say. Therefore I cannot find the will to deny myself of such a privilege :D

OKAY, I'VE REALLY GOT TO STUDY. Wouldn't want to end up like the sorry little bum I was today again tomorrow :)

Toodle-pip :]