'Epic' is Now Overrated

(Hahaha, I clicked enter right after typing this post's title and it submitted a blank post.) :3

Wow, look at that, I have a serious case of insomnia.
Either that or I'm just insanely stubborn.

Okay, let's see. I stayed up the entire night working on my friendster page, covering jason's and my books with plastic, checking my blogskin accounts, plurking and recoding the 6/7 blog. I haven't a WINK of sleep.

Whoopee, happy happy joy joy.

As much as I'd love to lay my head down on a soft, comfy pillow, there's still that 8AM incoming freshmen orientation Jason and I have to attend. Plus, he needs a haircut. OH, the thrill of it all. -____-. BLEHHH.

Through observation of my recent sleep patterns, deep slumber is conclusive. I was afraid that I'd be too tried and refuse to wake up to the alarm clock. Things need to be done today since school will be on Monday.

I'm just blogging to keep myself awake before taking a bath. After that, I think I'll be fine. Cold water has failed not to shun drowsiness away.