Blogger in Draft

This new "Blogger in Draft" interface is not only very professional-like but also is fresh, hip and trendy. HAHA. Yeah, it's new and new is good. :D I'm confident that quite a handful of you are familiar with the movie, "Thumbelina". Here's an image to hopefully jog your memory.

If that doesn't bring back memories, I don't know what will. Anyways, what about it you ask. Well, I'm in absolute adoration with the song, "Let Me Be Your Wings". I can still recall singing it and grooving and jiving to its funky rhythm when I was not but a wee toddler. Haha, I probably just sang. You all should know that I don't... 'Jive'. HAHA. I loved Thumbelina and I would play the movie over and over again like how Jason would watch Tom and Jerry in an endless loop of repetition. It's a lovely song and a person could just lose one's self in its bliss.

Let Me Be Your Wings

Let me be your wings
Let me be your only love
Let me take you far beyond the stars
Let me be your wings
Let me lift you high above
Everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours
Anything that you desire
Anything at all
Everyday I'll take you higher
And I'll never let you fall

Let me be your wings
Leave behind the world you know
For another world of wondrous things
We'll see the universe
And dance on Saturn's rings
Fly with me and I will be your wings

Anything that you desire
Anything at all
(Anything at all)
Everyday I'll take you higher
And I'll never let you fall

you will be my wings
you will be my only love
you will take take me far beyond the stars
you will be me wings
you will lift me high above
Everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours

You will be my wings
(Let me be your wings)
You will be my only love
Get ready for another world of wondrous things

We'll see the universe
And dance on Saturn's rings
Heaven isn't too far
Heaven is where you are
Stay with me and
Let me be your (You will be my) wings

Have I mentioned how Sally Harmon rocks out loud? She's the voice behind many of my favorite Disney characters. Ariel, Anastasia and Thumbelina. Haha, yes, three is a whole lot. LOL. She has the sweetest voice. Almost angelic if I must say. I wonder how old she is now. :O Hahaha. She sang Thumbelina's part in 'Let Me Be Your Wings', you know? Haha. OH GOSH, I recorded my own rendition on midomi, trying to perfectly imitate her voice. Yup, you've guessed it. I failed miserably. HAHA.

This world has so much potential to be just absolutely beautiful but sometimes, why does it look like it never could be? Hidden behind every nook-and-cranny of my mind, traces of you remain. May it be a memory or probably a shard of my heart which misses all the simple, silly things you do. Each fragment, each piece, pierces my heart like shattered glass and it bleeds from what once made me feel so incredibly unbreakable. He made me feel so strong and yet, here I stand, watching myself fall into pieces.

HAHA, that was certainly uncalled for. I just felt like typing that down so, pardon me. Haha. Kudos to you for you have exceeded me in the art of poetry. Oh, only God knows who I'm referring to. Haha.

I love blogging. It helps me practice proof-reading. Oh and yes, I was reminded as to why I always end up uninstalling IMVU and so, I did just that yesterday. HAHA, it proved to be way more distracting than I had initially bargained for.

I'm thinking about sending myself flowers on Valentines day. It could be the best form of therapy yet. Oh I'm going to be so surprised with what I have planned for myself. Like, what the heck? Hahahaha.

Happy Gilmore

:O My newly-bought hairspray won't spray.

Goodness, I can't concentrate again. I had just watched "Happy Gilmore" and his 'happy place' scene tore me apart. I broke down. Now, that one thing I long to do is to lay my head down and sleep. Just sleep. Everyone could use a little dose of happiness now and then.

GOSH, screw this CLE project. Looking for the proper content is giving me a headache and I don't even know Abby's email. How ever will I send it to her? o-o. WOOHOO! 400 tweets FTW! :D

Anyhoo, I'm reinstalling IMVU. IT'S ULTRA AWESOME NOW. Hahaha. They're being way more generous than before. It's practically criminal with all the freebies you get. Marvel at it's glorious brilliance, haha.

- 10:24PM -

I'm chatting with Louie now and IMVU-ing. Hahaha. Louie isn't replying though. :\ Oh wait, there he is. Hahaha. He's showing me one of his latest artworks. :D Oh and yes, I was able to post a few tee designs on facebook. Check them out! :D

There'll be new ones coming up. Watch out for them, alright? :D I'm personally in favor of the second design. Just so you guys know, these are basically class tee design suggestions. John Eric and a couple of other dudes are currently working on our own personalized class "barkada trip". I can only imagine how strenuous that must be for them. Oh well, I'll soon know since I am responsible for vectoring it after all. I hope I'll be able to complete it by Friday. Wish me luck, kay? :D


The Cheese Has Gone Stale

Wow, I've spent the entire afternoon doing chores. I haven't even started working on my own load of homework. I'll go overboard procrastinating later, I guess. :D Yes, I feel drained all the time and that's a sad fact. 8D

This little girl has been feeling awfully left out and plainly unloved these past few days. Her hug quotient has significantly plummeted and she misses her mom terribly. Someone show her some love, anyone at all. :(

I would go out for a breather but there's still so much to be done. D: I feel like sleeping now. Maybe a bath would keep me awake for a few more hours. Yeah, we need to get some serious shut eye. Oh, we wouldn't want to be late again. Okay, I'm feeling too much negative energy here. Apparently, recalling what had a happened on friday sends me on a voyage further into melancholy lane. Don't ask. Uhm, uhm... Look on the bright side. This teaches us discipline and mishap-proof time management. WHEE. Yes, much better. HAHA, I must be freaking you out right now. :X

Anyhow, check out this skin I had submitted. :D

The Demure Policy.
Submitted @ Parading Sentiments .
Best viewed: Mozilla Firefox.

If you had been stalking me then yes, you would've realized that I had used that skin before. Haha. :D Though, I'm rather confident that only Jiawei could possibly remember me using it. She was the only one who commented on it after all. :D Of course, that's unless any of you can prove me wrong. >D *Grin*

Well, I've found my writing style to have surpassed boring thanks to the uniform expectancy of Filipino English. My teacher's lesson delivery methods always propels the feeling that I couldn't possibly be more at fault.

And here I go blaming my demeaned writing brilliance on the system again. HAHA.

Alrighty then, toodles! :)
God loves me. :D

Soup, Anyone?

HAHA, I'm obsessing again. Thanks to my awesome great friend HENK ALEXANDER SPIJK, I've embraced my blogskinning flair once again. Now he wants me to make a skin in his tribute. HAHA, maybe some other time Henk. :)

I'm starting to absolutely resent my CO.NR url. I mean, seriously, italicized? What in places was I thinking? HAHA, oh well. I'll be sticking with until I can whip up a good url. sounds rather promising. :D

My ever intensifying urge to learn java has exceeded me. I'll get books on it tomorrow. Or probably next week. :) I'm willing to download ebooks at most. Hopefully, those online tutorials are resourceful enough and I wouldn't have to spend a single cent on real books. With the help of java, I want to be able to code websites like this. Man, wouldn't that be just grand?

I'll stop here, I've got lots of cleaning to do.
:D My self-esteem is coming along nicely btw.
Haha. ^^

I Need You

I miss her so.

A house can't really be called a home without a mother's love, can it now? I have to say, it's a definite perquisite in every happy household. Singing makes me feel all whole lot better and so, I'll do just that. Speaking of households, we'll be having our Economics long test tomorrow. :) Psh, it'll be a breeze. Hahaha, who am I kidding? Bah, I'll get back to my neck-deep review later but as of now, let me blog.

I should try making a vlog sometime...

HAHA, I sure can be unbelievably impossible with my vicious random streak. Oh wow, it's nearly ten. I have an incredibly poor sense of time. Maybe it's about time I get a watch. :3 Have I mentioned how much of a retard my cbox is? It absolutely refuses to show immediate tags. Someone call the cbox doctor quick! Haha.

"He makes me smile when we hug"

Awwwwww! Haha. That would've sounded waaaay cute if it hadn't been said my billy (Yes, from 'The Adventures of Billy and Mandy'. Haha), all the while referring to his action figure. HAHAHA. :D

The other day, I forgot when exactly, Jasmine and I sat down and totally sorted out a whole pile of papers in hopes of producing a handout. Haha. :D I HAVE PROOF, hahaha.

That's me.

Me again.


Oh okay, now I'm sleepy. o-o.

I sense a story coming on. I've better write it down before it fades off to oblivion again, haha.

Ohoh and yes, I'm missing him again. Eh, when had you ever stopped missing him Joanna? HAHA. I just wish that he'd TALK to me or something then everything could just revert back. I'm fine with that now. It's alright, I'm okay, I think God can explain. :)

ALRIGHT, bye. Haha.
And stalkers are scary. o-o.