You would not believe how hard it was for me to deactivate my facebook. Quite frankly though, despite everything, I'm very well proud of myself for having had achieved that much. :D I'm back on friendster. It's not entirely as entertaining but, at least, if anyone ever wants to contact me, they may. That is, through friendster. :D. Hahaha, I find it highly amusing to forever confuse friendster with facebook simply because both start with the letter, 'F'.

Anyhoo, and so I thought that dad would be coming over to Davao so that we may go to Manila together. I thought wrong, sadly enough. It's immensely depressing on my part actually. To think that I've been looking forward to some serious bonding time with him ever since I got to know about it. :/ I feel awfully void right now but I'm coping somehow. It's void and yet, I feel no emotion. It's just, empty. Eric has been too much of an influence, I believe. Whether it be good or bad, I suppose only time can really tell. Oh well.

It's technically 1:30AM and I'm stuck in a rut. :| I've lost track of what I need to do and it's about just as irritating as fingernails on chalkboard trying to recall what that is, exactly. BLEH. D: And to add to all that pure frustration, I've lost my upper retainers. I know, I've repetitively ranted on about that for several posts now. I just can't seem to keep track of them. I put the blame on its transparent plastic body. A vanishing act, perfectly executed. I wonder where it has ended up now. Noodle-ically sticky fingers. :|. Hahaha, I have no idea where that came from but that was fun to say. Noodles. :D. And I just realized how famished I really am. Fail much? Haha.

Justin Bieber has the cutest voice but I honestly believe he only sounds good in this one song of his, "One Love". The TV's on MYX right now and he apparently topped the charts. I've downloaded a whole bunch of other songs he sang and I don't know with everyone else but, they were just too pitch-y. UGH, HE'S STILL INSANELY ADORABLE THOUGH. LOL. Alright, that right there screamed PEDOPHILE. HAHA! :D Forgive me.

Anyway, I'll stop here. My posts are still as scatterbrained as usual but, at least there IS a post. :D. Happy faces everyone! Smile :D. For the record, it's 2AM now. :D

Clean, At Last

Blink blonk blong. 8D.

YES, oh yes. I've finally gotten around to clean the room thoroughly. Well, it might not be as thorough as I would've liked but at least it's clean. And that remains to be of my main concern, its cleanliness. Setting aside organization, I've achieved that much and I'm happy. 8D.

Alright, so it's 5AM in the morning and we, both Jason and myself, haven't had a wink of sleep. Hahaha, it's surprisingly amusing how I always find myself to be ranting on and on about how I lack sleep and what not. 8D. Open ended, I predict this post to be since I'm all pooped out.