Cyber Clean

Don't you think it would be just so amazing if we could play around with our eye color? Well, I certainly do. :). And that is why I fitted myself with these three different eye colors just for the heck of it with a TON of help from the color studio. :D Haha, Eric Kimbro brought up the eye contact idea and Kym posted something about getting a new pair on facebook. I suppose that was what got me into the whole thing as well. Golly, funny how influential friends can be huh? Haha. Check these out, which looks the awesomest? :) I've got one vote for Pure Hazel and one for Gemstone Green. I haven't really surveyed that many people, hahaha.

Wow, I really love my hair right now. I've gotten around to color it. :). Didn't exactly DYE it though, had it cellophane-d. :D Well, it might as well be dye but the only difference that stands in between the two is that this is semi-permanent. Chocolate brown, is what it is. Quite personally, it looks a whole lot the same to me. Haha. I wanted to get lighter hair. Something leaning towards redish brown, I suppose? You wouldn't believe how dearly disappointed I was when I came to realize how it closely matched with my original hair color. It is as though I never even really colored it. Oh poo. :|

HAHA, I bet you weren't even able to tell which were the before and after shots. xD. The first three pictures are the "AFTER" shots and the sole picture at the bottom of those is the "BEFORE" shot. Not much difference, aren't there? :D It's, I don't know, probably a shade lighter? Haha, not much of a hair expert here. Laugh if you must but I get such a thrill at looking at it in the light. Unlike how it is indoors, it actually shimmers a brownish glow in the light. :D Yes, it shimmers. HAHA, no. LOL. This is what happens when you've lived behind the shadow of BLACK hair all your life. Haha. Anyway, I'm sure to do something cool with it as soon as I graduate. Wonderful how college grants you so much more freedom. Haha. :D