Sunday, November 28, 2010

EGR, Here We Come

I should really be cleaning up and packing right now since EGR will be in only a few hours but it wouldn't hurt to blog for just a bit, would it? :D For those of you who haven't a clue as to what I'm talking about, EGR stands for 'Encounter God Retreat'. I believe that speaks for itself. It's a 2 day, 3 nights thing. There's no school tomorrow so we've got day one covered, no problem. I guess Jason and I are going to have to be absent for half a day on Tuesday. I hope that doesn't take such a big toll on my grades. I'll be missing Theo again and I haven't been attending classes lately. God, I lift it up to you. I have trust that you will not let anything go a amuck as my brother and I venture off to seek you. :)

Speaking of school, I'm having a hard time with my majors right now. My latest quiz was a flop. 1 out of 4. LOL. I guess that's what I get for taking CS for granted. At least my handwriting seems neat enough. Haha.

Back to topic.
Yesterday, we were at church from 2pm to 8pm, approximately, for our last pre-encounter session. We got certificates! :D

Just click on that to get a better view. :D I'd post Jason's certificate too but, sadly, he hadn't made his handwriting clear enough so instead of 'Jason Vincent L. Morales', they had accidentally printed out 'Jason Vincent C. Morales'. Hahaha. Yes, let's not delve any further into that.

LOL. Well, anyhow, I better get things ready now. I'll take time to explain the dynamics of everything when I'm through. Or, you know, probably when I get back from the retreat. :) I am honestly very excited. Blog about it when I can. Till then! :)

Oh, and, for the sake of sounding techy (LOL, not really), I've reverted my blog back to old blogger. Thanks to nitecruzr, I've finally found out how to insert those 'newer posts' and 'older posts' links without having to use the new blogger template. For those still struggling with solutions to similar problems, I found mine here. I hope that helps you out as much as it helped me. :D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Moved to New Blogger

There we have it, I've finally taken the time to sit myself down long enough to convert my blog to the new blogger template thing. I'd have to admit though, this could take some getting used to. The predefined tags I am so comfortably familiar with aren't applicable to this layout system so it's back to the basics. Welcome back, long hours of absolute puzzlement. I hope the net provides me with enough resources.

I don't really understand how the archives work here on so, naturally, I'm having quite a problem adding them in. It isn't like the old blogger whereby you've got simple, straightforward and convenient tags like [blogger] and what not. Everything feels a whole like it did back when I started out with HTML; lost. On a brighter note, the 'older posts' and 'newer posts' links are up and running and fully functional. :D That was actually the main reason why I was so determined to have my blog converted in the first place. SO I'M GOOD. LOL. :D Heck with everything else. For now. Hahaha. I'm taking it nice and slow, no need to rush. :)

I learned something today. Woot. :D Though, I just kind of, sort of, wish that I could use what I just learned in school. If only programming were this fun. LOL.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Story About a Cavewoman and Her Rice

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I just had to post this. So, alright, Aaron and I were chatting and we had this very interesting conversation. It's probably not as funny to anyone else but us but I'm blogging about this cause it was one of the things that made me smile today. LOL. Talking in fragments for the win. :D

HAHA. And here we goooo! :D

Joanna said (9:20 PM):
i need to like

Aaron Joself Alimago says (9:20 PM):

Joanna said (9:20 PM):
i already ate
like a cavewoman
cause like
you know when like

Aaron Joself Alimago says (9:21 PM):
you are
a cavewoman

Joanna says (9:21 PM):
you have rice

Aaron Joself Alimago says (9:21 PM):
nice story

Joanna says (9:21 PM):
and it's like

Aaron Joself Alimago says (9:21 PM):

Joanna says (9:21 PM):
you know

Aaron Joself Alimago says (9:21 PM):

OH. And Vid showed me this awesome video. His voice is just yay. :D
He is Danny Fernandez.

Yes, it's a bunny and his name is Rey :D

"I'm not angry at you because of what you did, I'm angry at you because you've hurt me."
But Joanna, ponder on this for a sec. You're angry, aren't you? Why are you angry? Because he had hurt you? Isn't 'hurt' a verb? So, technically, doesn't that mean that you're still angry at what he did with 'that' referring to hurting you?

LOL! Joanna, you don't make sense sometimes.
Yeah, I was just thinking out loud.

Anyhow, haha, a very good evening to all of you. :D I find the oddest times to blog. Especially now, for example, I've got tons of homework to be done and yet I'm here, blogging. But eh, I figured that blogging would help me relieve some of the stress of school and what not. If I ever am to waste my time not doing the things that I ought to be doing, why not be productive, yes? :D

Now, I will bore you with school work. :D
Alright, so tomorrow, I'll be having English, Math, my programming major, History and Literature. I sometimes kind of wish that my subjects were better spread out throughout the day since my classes are immediately after one another and it's very hectic on my part. Plus, I've also gotten so used to having at least an hour for lunch; it's steamed down to 20 minutes tops now. With such ample time to eat and for leisure, I usually would have to restrain myself from heading downstairs to the canteen cause I know very well, especially if I were to meet up with my friends, that I would just slack there. LOL. My minutes are always numbered.

Often times, I barely even have the time to prepare for my classes. You know, like that extra time you have just before class when you read up on the proposed subject matter to be discussed or even to work on assignments or practice for your reports? Yeah, I don't have that. Not as much as I would like to have anyway. And that's for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the rest of my second semester. I guess having my day end at 2:30pm is already a consolation. It's that one thing I look forward to every MWFs. :D

This would have to be the SECOND time I've found myself ranting about my shortened breaks. I guess it's just taking that long for all of it to sink in, lol. Forgive me.

Literature is honestly not as hard as people make it out to be. I'm so grateful that the subject is not entirely focused on the vernacular or otherwise I think I would have to drop it. Haha.

OH. And before I forget, I got Lor a rabbit yesterday. :) It's just the most precious little thing ever. :D
His name is Rey.

Click to enlarge Rey! :D Haha. Lor and I named him Rey cause, it might not seem as obvious in the picture but, Rey's 'grey'. And grey rabbits are, in a way, 'rare'.
Rare + Grey = Rey.

Yes, we're adorable. HAHA. :D We bought him a girlfriend rabbit but I hadn't the chance to snap a picture of them cause my phone died on me. LOL. Oh well. Both of them are now residing at Lor's. Gosh, I miss them already. Hahaha. Oh gosh, if only you had seen them together. I dare say it was incredibly video worthy. ASFJAFKJASF. THEY SO CUTE! :DDD

I'll just leave this post as it is since I've really got to get working on some stuff. I'll be a co-host at Sam's church tomorrow so I had better start preparing at least something. I'm going to cover the topic of Christmas and what it's really all about and stuff. Wish me luck. :D I'm real anxious about it. I'm really not much of a talk-in-front-of-a-ton-of-people kind of person. LOL! Oh and hey, this goes out to Aaron, who got a new computer. Congratulations. HAHAHAHA. :D

It's so unfair how I never seem to have enough time to blog about everything that I intend to blog about.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Purpose Driven Life

Currently reading 'The Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren. It's a lovely book and I suppose I'll be using my blog to keep track of my progress. Just finished day 17 today. :)

( Download ebook here )

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Motorbikes Should Have Their Own Lanes

Oh hey, get this, our car met with an accident with a motorbike yesterday; the front's a mess. I'd relay what had happened but the story has gone pretty stale. After a grueling three hours of looking for a motorbike repair shop that accommodates insurances this morning, the excitement of it all kind of wore out. LOL. But anyhow, I'll put up some pictures of our car's front whenever I may. Pictures are after all worth a thousand words. Later on tomorrow, I'm going to have to head for school at a much earlier time in order to get to the police station by 7am and then to school by 7:40am. We need to get a police report filed before we can tap on to any of our insurance money. We need that so as to get the motorbike we busted fixed. The police office who is in charge of our case is on duty from 8am to 8pm so we're going to have to catch him in the morning or all of it would then have to wait yet again another day. It's not very negotiable.

Other than that, the rest of today went rather well. I went shopping for kitchen utensils and other household stuff. Oh gee, I'm such a home buddy. Haha. I bought this precious heart mold thing. I had actually bought one late last month but I just had to get these ones cause they were of a much better defined heart shape. They're gorgeous. I'm so making scrambled eggs with these in the morning. :DDD

ALRIGHT. I'll let you in on more updates and what not later on. I'm real sleepy and I need to get some things done before I sleep. I guess I'm going to have less than 6 hours of sleep yet again. Gosh college life, you leave me so little time to do the things I love.

Good night, everyone.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Friends are Ninjas

Oh hey, it's nice to meet you. Do you come visiting these parts often? :) HAHA. Alright, I guess I've just been chatting a tad bit too much. WELL, HELLO THERE EVERYONE. A very good evening to everyone. :)

Now then, I've been trying oh so very hard to get myself blogging again but the effort I put into it just seems no where near enough. But anyway, in a sorry attempt to get the gears in this noggin' of mind a runnin', I will therefore talk about what had happened the past couple of days. I hope this would serve as a good enough practice; I need to regain fluidity in my writing. Everything I type, or even say for that matter, seems very awkward now. But, oh well, carrying on.

Dating back to yesterday, 13th of November, 2010, my friends came to visit. It had just struck midnight so I suppose that makes it the day before yesterday. LOL. So, yeah, like I was saying, on the 13th of November, my friends came to visit. Surely, to some of you, that wouldn't come as much of a big deal, and to some, it might even come as a rather regulatory kind of thing. But I'm not the type to have friends over very often so you could only imagine the shock I got when I all of a sudden heard my friends calling out for me from my 'more-or-less-a-porch' front porch.

Hahaha. I honestly cannot be as honest with you as I would like cause they are incredibly pressing issues on this matter. HAHA. Or whatever. HAHAHAHA. But anyway. So, I invited them in. We played a little DOA, played some game that you usually see in them filipino game time shows that air at noon. Then it was off to MTS for dinner.

Ate at Taps and met a couple of new people cause of Sam. Seriously, Sam is just so amazingly friendly. I can't help but wonder how he sums up the courage to do things sometimes. Bleh, I don't want to go into what happened that night in much detail. But anyhow, I had great fun. :D

I love having friends who are just fearlessly upfront and assertive. Doing what they did that day, I felt loved.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Wish Work Would Do Itself

Why, hello there, square piece of technology, you. Alright, that just sounded so awkward. But hey, anyhow, I suppose I'm back, again, from yet another periodical absence from blogging. I just find it so hard to concentrate on a single blog post when I've got millions of thoughts going through my head. As you could've guessed, I'm naturally scatterbrained so it would come as a great task to actually get myself settled down to tackle single, individual thoughts individually. Plus, now with school in the way, with my busy schedule and what not, it's all the more harder to even find the time of day to think up of a half decent write up.

I haven't even the time to be all jolly jolly joy joy anymore.

If you were to compare me from how I was during the two week holiday and how I am now, you would probably agree with me when I say that I've hit puberty. Yes, again. My voice has significantly deepened, from a squeaky high to a boyish low. And to add to that, I've short hair now. I swear, I could pass off as a guy any day. LOL.

I'll try to have a sound clip of myself uploaded so you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Alright, so here's something that I really should get off my chest. I regret getting a haircut. I'm absolutely absorbed in remorse; so much remorse that its eating me alive. *Makes zombie face* O: Hah.

But yeah, I really do regret doing so.
I had even made vlog on Youtube about it. Yes, a vlog, like a video blog. And no, I do not want to talk about it. Haha.

YES. I have MOUNTAINS' worth of work to do and yet I had the time to recorded a good five minute video of myself. I'm that much of an irresponsible oaf. LOL. But, eh, it helped shake off a great deal of stress so I suppose that hadn't turned out completely worthless after all. :D

Alrighty, I'll put this here blog of mine to good use and commence talking about my life. And, right now, my life revolves around school. And God. God's my best friend now, he's awesome. You ought to meet him. :D

Anyhow, to those who are still unaware, I am taking up Computer Science. To best explain that, we're theoretically the future hackers of the world. Woot. Haha. Yes, you have all the reason to fear me. Cower, you insolent boob. I will steal your credit card number one day. And, if you have one, your llama. >D

So yeah, Computer Science, programming and blah blah blah. I'm a late enrollee this semester so I've missed out on quite a bit. All's good though. I'm coping up rather well. In comparison to last semester, my schedule now is unforgivably uptight. Well, not so much but on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 7:40am onwards, I'll be able to have lunch only at 2:30pm. I actually have 15 minutes before my 12:25pm class but everyone knows that's barely enough time to have a proper meal. I end up having just biscuits sometimes. But I'm not complaining. With a schedule like this, I'll slim down in due time for sure. HAHA.

I do need to lose a few pounds here and there.
I'm getting a tad pudgy. And it's not cute.

I should get going now. Like I've incessantly repeated in this post, I've tons of stuff to do so I better get started on them. My first class tomorrow starts at 11:00am. I think I'll blog before then. :D Goodnight. :D

And before I end this, I'll respond to tags on my tagboard! Woot. There's only one though. Forever alone. Hahaha. But yeah, here we go. :D
You know, on second thought, I'll just write on her tagboard on HER blog. She left a link. It would be rude of be to leave that unvisited. :D